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A Practical Guide On The Use of Crystal Elixirs

A Practical Guide On The Use of Crystal Elixirs

By Ramon Parareda

When I found Majestic Quartz I noticed how often it was mentioned how nice crystals work prepared as gem elixirs. That is what made me decide one day to start making elixirs.
I got the book on elixirs by Gurudas and followed the instructions as best as i could, except on some issues that i did not understand very well and other issues I felt differently.

I am no expert nor a therapist but I found out crystal elixirs work very well.

For quite a long time I did elixirs for friends and family and can say they worked almost always.

Most common ailments were arthritis, allergies, pain in the stomach, liver issues, prostate gland issues.

Also some emotional problems, like depression, couple divorce, survival instinct, etc.

Lately I decided to make some elixirs for general use on issues such as headache, flu, cold, unrest, lack of sleep, allergies.
One of these elixirs can always be personalized adding some other crystal if a specific person needs it.

So far I have made an antibiotic elixir that works very well for flu and cold, have already tried it on several people besides myself.

In case you or anyone is interested here is the whole list of elixirs I put in this one:

– One flower elixir: pansy

– Gem elixirs: obsidian, lodestone, carbon steel, emerald, clay, apatite, gold, moss agate, amber and fluorite.

– Other gem elixirs I put in this mix and in every single elixir I make: clear quartz, diamond, peridot, fire agate, selenite and dioptase.

When i first made this elixir I put 7 drops of each one of these elixirs to the dosage bottle. After seeing that it works I made a mixture with even quantities of each of the mother elixirs in another bottle to make preparation more simple.

I also have a bottle with even amounts of mother elixirs of the ones I put everywhere.

Now when I have to prepare a dosage bottle for someone I just put 7 drops of the specific antibiotic mixture and 7 drops of the general mixture in the dosage bottle.
It works the same if not better.

The book by Gurudas said to be wise on putting more that 9 elixirs. I very seldom do an elixir with less than 9 different elixirs.
One reason is that only the general mix already contains 6 different elixirs, the other reason is that often when I make an elixir for any issue I start thinking things like….will be good to improve blood circulation? So I put some elixir for that.

Only once i had a problem with an elixir I did for a lady, she had problems with her liver, the elixir worked well but it gave her stomach burn. I solved it by adding pearl elixir.

Other than the book by Gurudas – I have not been able to find valuable information on how to make elixirs. All I have found is very superficial.

They work really well and it’s cheap to make them. It is true that some crystals can be hard and expensive to find. For example diamond. The first elixir I made with diamond I borrowed 3 rough diamonds from a friend. Now I have my own.

Also some very valuable elixirs can be made with stones that one does not even need to buy such as clay, sandstone, limestone, carbon steel, granite, and marble.

It would be nice to share information with anyone interested on elixirs. I myself will send info on any successful elixirs I make.

If anyone tries one of my recipes would appreciate having some feedback placed in the comments section below on your success – or not.

Light and love,

Ramon Parareda

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