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Suggested Affinities of Crystals and Stones

Crystals and stones often have particular affinities or connections with zodiacal signs and planets. These listings are based upon my own experience in working with each of these, and does not include any I personally have not attuned with.

This is meant as a starting point for your further investigation. Most important is to trust your own experience.

You may wish to check back from time-to-time, as I will add new ones as they become available to me.

Crystal Signs Planets
amethyst Aquarius, Pisces Uranus
ametrine Aquarius Mercury, Uranus
aquamarine Cancer, Pisces Venus, Neptune
chrysocolla Libra Moon, Venus
elestial crystals Scorpio Earth, Pluto
emerald Virgo, Libra Moon, Venus
garnet Capricorn Saturn
hematite Scorpio, Capricorn Mars, Saturn, Pluto
kunzite Libra Venus
kyanite Virgo, Aquarius Mercury, Uranus
labradorite Libra Venus, Neptune
lapis lazuli Virgo, Pisces Moon, Jupiter
lepidolite Sagittarius Mars
malachite Virgo Venus
mica Virgo Mercury
moonstone Cancer Moon
obsidian Taurus Vulcan
onyx Capricorn Earth, Saturn
citrine quartz Gemini, Aquarius Mercury
clear quartz Aries Mercury, Uranus
rose quartz Leo, Sagittarius Sun, Jupiter
rutilated quartz Leo Sun
smoky quartz Scorpio, Sagittarius Earth, Pluto
Tibetan quartz Scorpio, Sagittarius Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto
ruby Scorpio Mars, Pluto
blue sapphire Aquarius Uranus
red sapphire Scorpio Mars, Pluto
rhodochrosite Sagittarius Jupiter
sugilite Scorpio, Pisces Pluto
tanzanite Cancer, Pisces Moon, Neptune
topaz Leo Sun
green tourmaline Taurus Earth, Venus
black tourmaline Capricorn Earth, Saturn
turquoise Taurus Venus

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