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Welcome to Crystal Information!

This site is built so crystal and mineral fans can indulge themselves in a plethora of crystal information and quality photos!

We have an ever-expanding crystal and mineral encyclopedia. You even get the opportunity to share your views and experiences via the comment fields at the bottom of each crystal’s page! (moderated to avoid spam)

Want more? You got it! Check out the crystal-related articles, astrology articles, and even contributing authors’ articles! (Email me at to submit your article for consideration)

Whew! Information overload??? We have you covered there too. Let us gently guide you over to the chillout lounge, where you can enjoy crystal slideshows with relaxing music you can easily turn on or off. There, there, breathe, just breathe now….

So you noticed the backgrounds? Hard to miss them, isn’t it! If only you could get rid of that pesky text to get a better look at them! The Crystal Information team feels your pain! That is why we have made nearly every page with a toggle to remove and reveal that text so you can bathe in all that crystal background awesomeness! (The toggle is found on the bottom right of your screen).

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Welcome To Crystal Information!
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