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Meet The Team


Anthony has been involved with crystals and energy healing since 1993. His work includes crystal gridding, energy balancing, crystal body layouts, elixirs and intuitive healing.

He is the owner and director of the crystal merchant website Majestic Quartz.

Other interests include several styles of motorcycling. Anthony has a keen interest in music and is scheduled to take up learning to play the bass guitar at age 50. One cannot always rush these things!

His involvement with the Crystal Information website includes authoring and photography work for the crystal encyclopedia section and other miscellaneous articles. He is also responsible for the look, feel and layout of the site, so now you know who to blame!

Anthony lives in New Zealand.


Charlotte is a highly intuitive free thinker and energy weaver. She inspires others with love and light. Her extensive background includes dowsing, angel therapy, power of focused thought, energy field medicine and developing self-acceptance. Her passion is “Waters.” She has taught many people how to clear and energize water through focused intent with astounding results.

Charlotte has traveled the USA giving classes on the above subjects for 20+ years and is committed to getting the tools into the people’s hands.

Her involvement with the Crystal Information website includes writing articles on her respective areas of expertise and sharing her experiences.

Charlotte lives in New Zealand.


Paul has been kicking Anthony’s butt anytime he detects lack of effort for more than 17 years now, and his toes have well-developed callouses as a result.

His involvement with the Crystal Information site is looking after the webserver, database, and any coding changes required. He has written very thought provoking spiritual articles in the past, and the rest of the team hopes he finds time to do more now he has wandered further down life’s twisting and turning path.

Paul is very busy with a young family, IT career and budding vegetable garden. He also likes hanging around with kangaroos. Alas, this has become a much harder activity since moving back to New Zealand to live!


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