Chakras and Crystals

By Anthony Bradford

Chakras are the central focus of ethereal energies for our body. They are spinning wheels of conscious energy. The chart provided only shows the 7 major chakras. Each of these will then project energy out to up to 50 minor chakras (acupuncture points). Each major chakra has its own color — you will see these represented in the chart below. Think of a the chakra system as being similar to a computer network for the body.


Chakra Chart

Chakra Chart

Crystals and Associated Chakras

Each and every crystal will have an association with a chakra, or even multiple ones. The chart and table below show a small list of examples. These crystals may be placed on the chakras in the form of a crystal layout on one’s body.
You may also choose to meditate with one or more crystals at a time, using various methods that you feel comfortable with. For example, placing a crystal on the associated chakra, then visualizing breathing and drawing the color of the crystal into the chakra/body physical. Another method can be consciously directing the color/energy of the crystal into the chakra point, or even simply “feel” the energy seeping in.

Experiment yourself to find a way that suits you best; it may be a completely different way altogether! Do not ever be afraid to use your intuition when working with crystals and chakras.

Chakra – Crystal Correlation Chart

ROOTRed & Black
SACRAL – Orange
Citrine Quartz, Golden Calcite, & Golden Topaz
HEART – Pink/Green
Sodalite, Lapis, Azurite, Blue Lace Agate, & Kyanite
THIRD EYE – Purple
CROWN – White/Gold
Clear Quartz, Apophilite, Gold Citrine, & Selenite

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