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Chakras and Crystals

Chakras and Crystals

By Anthony Bradford

Chakras are the central focus of ethereal energies for our body. They are spinning wheels of conscious energy. The chart provided only shows the 7 major chakras. Each of these will then project energy out to up to 50 minor chakras (acupuncture points). Each major chakra has its own color — you will see these represented in the chart below. Think of a the chakra system as being similar to a computer network for the body.


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Crystals and Associated Chakras

Each and every crystal will have an association with a chakra, or even multiple ones. The chart and table below show a small list of examples. These crystals may be placed on the chakras in the form of a crystal layout on one’s body.
You may also choose to meditate with one or more crystals at a time, using various methods that you feel comfortable with. For example, placing a crystal on the associated chakra, then visualizing breathing and drawing the color of the crystal into the chakra/body physical. Another method can be consciously directing the color/energy of the crystal into the chakra point, or even simply “feel” the energy seeping in.

Experiment yourself to find a way that suits you best; it may be a completely different way altogether! Do not ever be afraid to use your intuition when working with crystals and chakras.

Chakra – Crystal Correlation Chart

ROOTRed & Black
SACRAL – Orange
Citrine Quartz, Golden Calcite, & Golden Topaz
HEART – Pink/Green
Sodalite, Lapis, Azurite, Blue Lace Agate, & Kyanite
THIRD EYE – Purple
CROWN – White/Gold
Clear Quartz, Apophilite, Gold Citrine, & Selenite

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