Alien Quartz

Alien Quartz Properties and Meaning – Alien Quartz Crystals are double terminated quartz crystals that have a single point termination at one end, and a multi-pointed termination at the opposite end. Read more about Alien Quartz healing properties information and view the photo galleries down below. General Alien Quartz Crystal ... Read More

Channel Quartz

Quartz Channel Properties and Meaning Channel quartz Crystals have a large seven sided face on the front of the termination and a three sided face on the back. Usually they form on Clear Quartz Crystals, but can also appear on Smoky and Amethyst Quartz Crystals. Intuitive Healing – Spiritual Trigger ... Read More

Cross Crystal

Cross Crystal Properties and Meaning Cross Crystal are crystals that have another crystal lying across it. The second crystal may be at an angle like an X, or straight across in a traditional “Cross”  shape. Read more information and view photos showing Cross Crystals below. General Cross Crystal Information For ... Read More

Doorway Quartz

Quartz Doorway Crystals Doorway Quartz have deeply recessed triangular “doorways” set into one or more of their termination faces. These doorway triangles may appear in  most of the different types of quartz crystals available. Read more information and view the photos showing Quartz Doorway Crystals below. General Quartz Doorway Crystal ... Read More

Generator Quartz

Generator Quartz Crystal Properties and Meaning These crystals have ALL SIX termination faces reaching the very top of the termination. Majestic Quartz refer to this configuration as being “True Generators”. They are very rare!  Read more information and view photos showing Generator Quartz Crystal below. General Generator Quartz Crystal Information ... Read More

Isis Quartz

Isis Quartz Crystals These crystals have a 5 sided face on at least one of the termination faces. This five sided face usually, but not always has perfect symmetry. Read more information and view photos showing Isis Quartz Crystals with high definition desktop image below. General Isis Quartz Crystal Information ... Read More

Manifestation Quartz Crystal

Manifestation – Baby Within Crystal Properties and Meaning Manifestation Quartz Crystals are also called “Baby Within” crystals. They are crystals that have smaller “baby” crystals completely encased inside of them. Read more about Manifestation Quartz Crystal healing properties information and view the photo galleries below. General Manifestation  – Baby Within ... Read More
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