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Important!! Please read this before starting an email to me (Anthony). I have built this site up over a number of years and my primary objective is for people to have a pleasant crystal resource to learn from. It is my greatest wish that people interact and share information with each other. With this in mind, rather than email me, please ask your question regarding a specific crystal from that Crystals comments section. This is found at the bottom of every single crystal listed in the Encyclopedia! The reason I ask this is so everybody can learn and I do not end up answering the same questions time and time again! Please do email me if you are unable to find a good place on the site to ask your question. I will reply with a link to the best place for your question, and I will answer it from that place, rather than in a email back to you. Feel free to attach any photos to your email if you want them added to your questions. I will answer your emails as soon as I get time, which can sometimes be a while, so please be patient. You may email me at

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  1. Good morning, your stones are beautiful.  I'm wondering if I could have permission to copy one or two of your photos to use in learning to paint gems/stones in watercolour.  I consider myself an advanced beginner in painting and am enjoying learning to paint images of glass and stone in watercolour.  Thank you for considering this request.  Maureen

    • Hi, Sure, please email me with links to the photos and I can make sure I have the right to give permission, more than 80% of them were taken by me so you have a good chance! My apologies for my late reply, I was in the process of moving back to New Zealand from the USA.

  2. I just wanted to send out a quick Thank You too all of you for all of your effort, help and love. ❤️😇🥰

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