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Crystal Elixirs are made by putting a crystal in water – the water takes on both the vibration of the crystal, in addition to the geometrical properties of the crystal. Different crystals form across all seven of the geometrical families.

Crystal Elixirs are very easy to make and it matters not what the size of the crystal is, but rather that it is in its natural form – as in not cut or polished. If it is still attached to matrix, this is fine as it can actually add to the power of the crystal elixir. The best thing to use to put the water in is a glass bowl with smooth sides. Patterned bowls are not recommended as the pattern can interfere with the geometrical properties of the crystal one wants the water to record.

The best water to use is distilled water. Tap and bottled water has other minerals in it, thus other mineral vibrations already infused within it. Distilled water is water that is pure and ready for crystal vibration imprinting. Distilled water can be quite expensive to buy in the stores. The good news is, one can easily make their own made with from common items found in most any kitchen. See the resources listed below for further information.

Steps to making a Crystal Elixir:

  1. Place the crystal into the glass bowl.
  2. Cover with Distilled Water and place in the sunlight.
  3. After three to five minutes, remove the crystal. (for more info – see Crystal Elixir Creation Times further below)
  4. Pour the water (This level is called “Mother Essence”) into a glass eye dropper bottle.
  5. Congratulations you have just made a Crystal Elixir!

Further Information

Toxic Crystals

Some crystals are toxic and should not be used for making crystal elixirs. Check out the information in the resource area further below.

Preserving Crystal Elixirs

Some people like to preserve the crystal elixirs they have made with alcohol such as brandy, or for those that do not like alcohol – vegetable glycerine. Personally I like to just make a fresh batch every week or so and not use any preservatives at all.


I have personally always taken my crystal elixirs at mother essence level. For some people that are very sensitive to vibrational remedies may wish to add a few drops of the Mother Essence level and add it to a larger body of water to dilute the dosage down – do so as many times as is required to get the dose one feels comfortable with. Crystal Elixirs may be taken either orally,  added to baths or even treat your clothes as they wash in the washing machine! Taken orally I prefer to shake the bottle to energize the water, then give the eye dropper a squeeze and then place 7 drops on my tongue. I simply hold the crystal elixir in my mouth for a minute or two then swallow. I do this three times a day, though if your intuition suggests more or less dosages, follow that.

Combining Crystal Elixirs

Once you have made your Crystal Elixirs, you may wish to combine them into one easy dosage bottle. Fill a bottle to 80% full with distilled water, then add seven drops of each crystal elixir to this master bottle. It is generally accepted that most people can handle up to seven crystal elixirs mixed this way. People who meditate a lot may have many more. Intuition is key here if you feel to use more than seven, then do so! It must be noted that it is important not to let different crystal elixir bottles touch each other in order to keep the vibration within pure.

Crystal Elixir Creation times?

The fact I list a time of between three and five minutes may surprise people that already make Crystal Elixirs – general accepted practice states the time in hours, often three or more. Water actually imprints vibration extremely quickly. Think of a outboard motor on a boat being able to be heard underwater many miles away. This is because the water takes on and transports vibration extremely quickly. So three to five minutes is plenty – if not an overkill in itself! Another advantage of a shorter time is that one may more readily use crystals that are sun sensitive.


Make your own distilled water

The simplest way for making modest amounts:

You want to make more distilled water so you can make Crystal Elixirs for friends too:

You want to make serious amounts? Go you!  This is a method I used and it works very, very well:

Glass Bowls

These would do nicely – or equivalent:

Eye Dropper Bottles

I like these as they are clear, so no color to influence the vibration within:

Recommended Reading

The Gem Elixirs by Gurudas book –

A Practical Guide On The Use of Crystal Elixirs by Ramon Parareda –

Toxic Crystals Not Recommended For Making Elixirs

I’m not necessarily sure all the crystals on these list are dangerous. For instance the copper based ones are on the toxic lists, yet most peoples hot water to this day is transported via copper piping! Some are on the danger list because of very small amounts of Aluminum – yet a lot of pots and pans are made of near pure Aluminum! It seems to me the people who make the list have trawled through stones mineral makeup and as soon as they see words like sulfur, Aluminum, copper and iron they get put on the list. I’m intending to make some crystal elixirs in the future and get them tested and compare the levels of copper and other minerals against WHO recommended safe levels and post the results. Until then, these lists should be taken fairly seriously. As each individual should be responsible for doing due diligence – I suggest one googles the term “toxic crystals that should not be used in crystal elixirs” and do their own research and form their own opinions.

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