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Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing

by Anthony Bradford

What is it?

Intuitive healing, to my mind, is coming into a given healing situation, be it with yourself or others, with an open mind and heart, open to all possibilities in how to address the issues at hand.

Yes, but what is it really?

Yeah, yeah, I know. I used to really struggle with this one too! At this point it may be helpful for me to share a wee bit of my background. As a child I was a naturally spiritually open individual; however, after an incident outside my control, I felt the need to shut that side of down. This was a fear-based reaction to the then unknown. One of my main interests was computers, thus it was a natural progression for me to move into that as a occupation in later life. I was a Network Controller for a large mainframe computer network for the New Zealand Government. My life was very logic-based, seemingly in control, everything nicely black-and-white, beautifully ordered and explained in a handy series of ones and zeros.

Life Changing

Then crystals came, and the illusion of logical order started to dissolve right from the get-go. My previously comforting world was becoming a confusing place. I was experiencing things with crystals that simply just should not be! “Does not compute, does not compute” was a disturbingly increasing cry. This struggle within me went on for quite some time, until I signed up to go on a seminar held by a New Zealander who is a very respected healer worldwide, but a relative unknown in his home country. The attraction for me was that he had been working in the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and had been so effective that a group of Russian scientists had been studying him and his methodologies. He had brought one of these scientists with him on the seminar. At last, I thought, my logical mind is going to get the answers it is craving to explain the seemingly inexplicable phenomenon of natural energy-based healing. Yeah, right, as if!

As it happens it was not the scientist who provided the answers that created my turning point into accepting intuitional healing into my life, but rather an experience the healer himself shared with the group attending the seminar. I will now share the story with you. He explained that before he had become a healer, he had made documentaries with the BBC. On this occasion they were in the USA, interviewing a Native American Indian Shaman. The cameraman had a bad cough that day, so they continually needed to stop, and rerun parts of the interview. After a while the Shaman started to look around, wandered off, picked a leaf off a nearby tree, handed it to the camera man and said, “Chew this.” Almost immediately the cough was gone, whereupon our future healer said, “Ahhh, so the leaves off that tree stop coughing?” To which the Shaman gave a resounding “NO!” He then shared the following sentence that changed my life. “This leaf, off that tree, will heal this man at this time.” It was like the tumblers on a one-armed bandit gambling machine all coming up with golden bells in a row for me — JACKPOT!!!

I was finally on the way to getting a handle on this intuitional healing thing. One needed to simply be open to all possibilities, letting go of pre-judged notions based on past and learned experiences.

A practical example of intuitional healing

Aha, look! The words practical and intuitional in the same heading! So integrated in my life is intuitional healing that in my reality, intuition is indeed a practical tool. My first practical use of intuitional healing was more or less forced onto me by circumstances. At the time I was doing a lot of crystal healing, mostly body layouts. Until that point I more or less just used my intuition to know where to place which crystals upon the body, but that was about it. At the time I was an active participant in motorcycle racing and was training for road racing using my dirt bike for skills and fitness training. There was an endurance race coming up, and a friend of mine had invited me to race his bike with him as partners, so we both used my dirt bike for training. I went for the first blast, then bought the bike back for his turn. He cleared off in a cloud of dust, only never to return. After a time I became very concerned, so off I trudged on a very hot day in full safety gear to search for him. After a while I found him with his foot caught in the rear wheel of the bike. His ankle was at a crazy angle, he was in immense pain, and there was nothing I could do to get him free of the bike.

Immediately I started to run out of the valley to seek help from the emergency services. The occupants of the first house I came to kindly let me use their phone to alert the emergency services. Right away I ran back to my friend. His pain was even worse, and I felt I had to do something, but what? I had no crystals with me. I calmed my mind, and opened myself to the universe of possibilities. Immediately I felt to put my hand on his shoulder. We were in a beautiful valley, with a babbling brook nearby, the wind was gently breezing its way through the surrounding trees, and the birds were singing their beautiful songs. I emptied my mind of all thought, and for lack of better description became the babbling brook, the wind breezing through the trees and the beautiful bird songs, and that’s it. I did nothing else. I do not have any idea how long I was in that state, but all of a sudden the emergency services arrived. A noisy fire truck, wailing ambulance and noisy clattering of a helicopter landing in a clearing nearby all conspired to bring me out of my nature-inspired trance! It was all noise and action — the fire crew had tools to dismantle the back end of my dirt bike. My friend was then loaded into the helicopter and was off to the hospital. In an instant the emergency services were gone, and it was back to the babbling brook, whispering breeze, beautiful bird songs and….my bike in bits, doh!!!

A Lesson Learned

Trudging back home with my now thoroughly blistered feet in order to get my tools to re-assemble my bike had me reflecting on the events that had just happened. I had a “knowing” my friend had been helped by the intuitive healing experience. I also realized that throughout the constant clatter of life, the stillness and power of nature was always available to us. We just have to still the noisy static of modern life, using our mind and spirit, to be still enough to tap into the never-ending abundance of Love and healing that nature provides.

Once I had fixed my bike and got it home, I leapt into my car and took off to the hospital to check in on my friend. The first thing he spoke to me about was how embarrassed he was at getting a free helicopter ride (yes, in New Zealand it is free!) and did not have any broken bones to earn it! His ankle was badly injured, but due to him being a black belt in karate, was flexible enough to have not suffered more serious damage. The second thing he said was, “Anthony, you know the best I felt throughout this whole experience was when you put your hand on my shoulder back there in the valley.” It was interesting because he knew I did crystal healing, and like all my motorcycle racing buddies could simply not see me as doing that sort of thing, so it was never spoken of. The same went for my healing friends. They could never envision me racing motorcycles. Never the twain shall meet, it would seem, yet both entities share the same physical body!

How Do I Develop My Intuition?

This is something I struggled with initially. How do I discern the difference between a logical thought process and intuition? Turns out it is not so hard. Rule of thumb is the first notion/idea in a given situation one may face is the intuitive response, but usually it is the “logical” side that comes along and starts to pick the original response apart and suggest a more “logical” alternative.

May I suggest one make a simple list, with the following on it. A column for “Did you follow your intuition? Did it work out? Yes or no?” Then enter another group of columns. “Did you follow your logical process? Did it work out? Yes or no?” Do this checklist for a few weeks and you will quickly come to grips with what is your intuition and what is your logical response to a given situation.

For myself and others I know, on average it worked out that intuition was correct about 87% of the time, and the logic-based decisions worked out at about a mid-50% success rate. Naturally on occasion the intuitive and logical responses actually match up! I see the 13% “failure” rate of the intuitive response to be a gift, an opportunity for further learning, which adds mystery to the universe!

Using Intuition With Crystals

There are several methods to utilise intuition in association with crystals. It is about using your own senses that come most naturally for you. Some may use their eyes — maybe a crystal catches your eye with a twinkle, maybe even the crystal equivalent of a wink! Some may “hear” a crystal calling, others may pass their hands over the top of a group of crystals, feeling for the energy or magnetic pull of their hand to a particular one. Maybe you use your emotions to “feel” which crystal is right? Or are you the touchy-feely kind of person that can tell by picking up crystals to choose which ones?

The fun and reassuring part is you simply need to do what feels right for you. Let no one else tell you, or influence your senses. It is, after all, YOUR intuition, and nobody gets to tell you you’re wrong. Simply feel trust within yourself, and things will work out just fine. So go and co-create magic with your crystal friends, and have fun doing it!

Orthodox Medicine Verses Intuitive/Alternative Healing

For me, the heading above sums up the problem rather succinctly. Why on earth do they need to oppose each other? To my way of thinking they can and should work in combination with each other. It would be rather hypocritical of me to badmouth orthodox medicine as it has saved my life three times in the past. In one instance, my appendix had to be removed immediately. Another was a broken femur in four different places with one being a very pretty x-ray inducing spiral fracture, and the third occasion my lower leg being totally de-gloved, requiring extensive plastic surgery. In each circumstance I feel the orthodox techniques saved my life, but the healing that came afterwards was GREATLY accelerated by alternative medicine, mostly positive thinking and refusing pain killers.

All three events happened before I was utilising crystals and other natural healing methods in my life. However, I intuitively refused all pain medication, which I later found out coated the nerve endings, reducing the pain and help messages being sent to the brain and thus having the effect of reducing the body’s natural response to send healing and energy to the places that need it most! I also had an extremely positive outlook on healing fast and getting out of the hospital as soon as humanly possible. In the case of my broken femur, I was out of traction and into a plaster cast in record-setting time, according to the medical team attending my case.

I view natural alternative healing therapies as having inherent drawbacks in treating a very physical problem such as setting a broken leg. However, I see an inherent weakness within orthodox medicine treating everyone as if they are the same, putting people in boxes, where there is a generic and known response to any given situation. As we are all unique individuals this does not really work, to my way of feeling and thinking. Currently the imbalance between the two styles of healing lie in the fact that orthodox medicine has all the money and power of influencing media, and its one-solution-fixes-all charade panders to human nature, that we seek comfort and security in the “known” and have a natural built-in fear of the “unknown.” Naturally only a fundamental shift in human consciousness is going to bring about light and acceptance in this area.

Dawn of a New Age?

Eventually the corruption of the likes of pharmaceutical companies will be so exposed that people will finally become open to the possibility of other solutions and realities for the human condition. Opening to the possibilities of intuitional healing means you can take an active part in facilitating the shift in consciousness required for us to move on as an ever-evolving species. It is an exciting opportunity to be part of the overall solution, as modern day Shamans actively participating in spreading much-needed “light thinking” among us all. A little pinprick of light can brighten a heck of a lot of gloom and darkness! So I encourage one and all to shine your intuitive lights, glowing in the knowledge you are making a very real difference in the positive advancement of humankind!

©2015 Anthony Bradford. All Rights Reserved.

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