The Crystal “Expert” Friend

From time to time I take a break away from running Majestic Quartz and return to my roots by doing the odd crystal stall at a small market somewhere. This is where I usually see them – The all knowing crystal “expert” friend. These friends would take many guises and forms. I often noticed the ... Read More

The Misrepresentation of Crystals Part 5 – Fake Moldavite, Native Silver and Painted Smoky Quartz!

It has been a year since my last post in the “Misrepresentation of Crystals” blog series. While I have admittedly been slacking off on my blog posts, the crystal counterfeiters and fakers have been very busy indeed! So without further a do – here are three of the latest scams! Fake Moldavite There has been ... Read More

The Misrepresentation of Crystals – Part 3 – Brazilian Bubble Quartz

Brazilian Bubble Quartz – A New Find – NOT It has just come to our attention here at Crystal Information – that in Brazil, unscrupulous Crystal Dealers are turning plain Quartz crystals into what they are calling “Brazilian Bubble Quartz“. They are doing this by taking a small rock pick and then hitting the crystal ... Read More

The Trademarking of Crystals

Though trademarking crystals has become more and more common of late, it is nothing new. I first came across it when I stumbled upon a book called the “Gemstone Guardians” about twenty years ago. I noticed this little ™ symbol everywhere! What surprised me most is the authors had managed to trademark surprisingly common metaphysical ... Read More

The Misrepresentation of Crystals – Part 2

A person recently got in touch with us and asked if the Tibetan Quartz she had recently acquired from an Ebay merchant was legit – especially the color? It turns out that no, it was not. It had clearly been dyed a somewhat unlikely green color! Further investigations revealed this Ebay seller had other “Natural” ... Read More

The Misrepresentation Of Crystals – Part 1

For eons unscrupulous merchants have been seeking to pull the wool over unsuspecting customer eyes by passing off crystals as being something they are not! Be it cheaper more readily sourced clone/lookalikes, or outright fakes. And modern times are no different. For decades, certain types of Amethyst and Clear Quartz have been irradiated (heated) to ... Read More

Welcome To Crystal Information

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Crystal Information Website! My name is Anthony, and I am the webmaster and co-creator of the site. 18 years ago I discovered this cool thing called the internet, and about 0.5 of a second later I was searching for crystal photos! In those days it was click on a ... Read More
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