The Crystal “Expert” Friend

From time to time I take a break away from running Majestic Quartz and return to my roots by doing the odd crystal stall at a small market somewhere. This is where I usually see them – The all knowing crystal “expert” friend. These friends would take many guises and forms. I often noticed the ... Read More

The Misrepresentation of Crystals Part 5 – Fake Moldavite, Native Silver and Painted Smoky Quartz!

It has been a year since my last post in the “Misrepresentation of Crystals” blog series. While I have admittedly been slacking off on my blog posts, the crystal counterfeiters and fakers have been very busy indeed! So without further a do – here are three of the latest scams! Fake Moldavite There has been ... Read More

The Misrepresentation of Crystals – Part 3 – Brazilian Bubble Quartz

Brazilian Bubble Quartz – A New Find – NOT It has just come to our attention here at Crystal Information – that in Brazil, unscrupulous Crystal Dealers are turning plain Quartz crystals into what they are calling “Brazilian Bubble Quartz“. They are doing this by taking a small rock pick and then hitting the crystal ... Read More

The Trademarking of Crystals

Though trademarking crystals has become more and more common of late, it is nothing new. I first came across it when I stumbled upon a book called the “Gemstone Guardians” about twenty years ago. I noticed this little ™ symbol everywhere! What surprised me most is the authors had managed to trademark surprisingly common metaphysical ... Read More
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