The Trademarking of Crystals

Though trademarking crystals has become more and more common of late, it is nothing new. I first came across it when I stumbled upon a book called the “Gemstone Guardians” about twenty years ago. I noticed this little symbol everywhere! What surprised me most is the authors had managed to trademark surprisingly common metaphysical terms!

Over the last few years there has been a veritable explosion of crystals and stones being trademarked. The man at the center of this explosion is Author Robert Simmons. He has recently moved here to New Zealand, so I have seen first hand the damage that this one man trademarking machine is creating. In this blog post I will deal predominantly with New Zealand Quartz. Mr Simmons has decided to call it Sauralite Azeztulite™. He has been very industrious in scooping up as much New Zealand Quartz as he can. No matter the location found, all New Zealand Quartz has been deemed Sauralite Azeztulite™.

No where in New Zealand is New Zealand Quartz mined commercially. Instead it has always been found by keen Rock Hounds who take great delight in finding these beautiful clusters and then go on to sell them at small shows for a modest price, or swap them among themselves. Since Mr Simmons has arrived in town with his trademark everything in sight approach – there has been an explosion in prices that only just recently is beginning to return to sane levels as the “trademark gold rush” subsides.

At this point I should say that I have no problem with people trademarking names of crystals. If they want to put out a load of information about them, and control that information – fine. I do feel it can confuse an already bewildering world of thousands of different crystal names, but well – what the hey. What I do have a problem with – is when these trademark holders buy up as much of this type of crystal as possible, then put ridiculously over inflated prices on them.

I cannot in any scenario see how gouging the metaphysical healing fraternity can be in any way seen as operating in the “light”. What possible justification can there be for placing healing crystals out of reach of the average healer in order to line ones pockets? Does the TM acronym actually stand for Totally Me? Apparently so in most cases.

OK, so I do not really know if an Alien race called the Azez have blessed these crystals with information, but I’m not discounting it. I would like to think the last thing that these enlightened aliens would do is put information out of reach of the very people that are willing to spread their imparted wisdom the most? What would the Azez make of profiteering trademark practices? I believe that when trademarking is used in this fashion, it encapsulates Division, Greed and Possessiveness – the exact traits these aliens are purportedly here to guide humanity away from!!!

Other New Zealand Crystals and stones Robert  Simmons has trademarked are:

  • New Zealand Dragon Eggs™ (known as Puple Schist here in NZ)
  • Sauralite Azeztulite™ (known as New Zealand Quartz here)
  • New Zealand Greenstone™ (This is completely absurd, European New Zealanders have been calling it this for more than 100 years, to Maori it is Ponumu, to rest of the word it is Nephrite Jade)
  • Cinnazez™ (Known as plain old Cinnabar here in NZ)
  • Kaurilite™ (Known as Kauri Gum from the Kauri Tree here in NZ)
  • Agate (Moonlight™) (Known as Agate found on a range of beaches on the east coast of the South Island, New Zealand)

So as You can see, he has been a very busy trademarking bee in his short time in New Zealand thus far!

I myself are thinking of trademarking a new mineral – it will be called TradeMarkite. Trademarkite is best stored in the garden where it can break down over time and nourish the earth. Trademarkite does smell a little at first, but it will eventually seed new growth! But only when it has been fully broken down and dispersed – like all crystal trademarks should be! 😉

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9 thoughts on “The Trademarking of Crystals

  1. Thanks for this information.  It bugs a lot of people to have these trademarks.  I almost bought a Merkabite Calcite and then realized that it only comes from Simmons shop, even though others sell it for him.  Kansas calcite.  C'mon. I prefer Judy Hall's books and especially 101 Power Crystals (amazing photography by Exquisite Crystals).  Also, Micheal Gienger's books.  Especially Chystal Power, Crystal Healing.

    But I do like Simmons Book of Stones for the mineral descriptions and the photography.

    Appreciate this blog.




  2. Years ago when JaneAnn Dow was just discovering the properties of Russian Lemurians, she published her findings. She was encouraged to trademark "Russian Lemurian" and she declined saying that they belonged to all, not just her. She was a true healer and lover of crystalline energies … not the money that could be derived from them!

  3. Thank you for Truth!
    In not one to believe Rock’s have powers ascribed. I like them because they are beautiful works of mother earth. What moves the atom moves you too. All is vibration and frequency so we have lots to learn. $165 for 1inch if Cinnazez? I saw how pretty it was in a magazine and researching it. Aloha

  4. Melody isn't innocent of Trademarking stones. Melody's Super Seven is another Trademarked name and I know of one dealer who was sent a Cease and Desist order from Melody's attorney for selling the same mineral that wasn't purchased by one of her dealers. Super Seven, aka Melody’s Stone, is a combination of Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Geothite and Lepidocrocite, a not uncommon collection of minerals. I hate seeing people taken advantage of and I feel these metaphysical stone writers are.


  5. Thank you for this informative article. Years ago, I bought some of Robert Simmons' books and purchased hundreds of dollars in stones that I now know as overpriced crap. I bought a beautiful azestulite disk that was "dead." Later, I learned that it was basically white quartz. After hearing others talk about Robert Simmons, I began to realize what was going on. His books and catalogs are well done, as far as photography and layout, but I will stick with Melody's "Love is in the Earth" books. I have been hearing about a new stone discovery, Auralite. As I began to research it, I discovered that Robert Simmons was involved. I do not buy from vendors who sell stones that Mr. Simmons has named. It is time to throw out his books and catalogs.

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