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Crystal Protection

The term “protection” when used within the context of working with crystals – entails one calling upon the crystal for spiritual or even physical protection. One uses Conscious Intent to initiate the protection process. There are several crystal protection techniques, read more below.

For what and How Does One Use Crystal Protection?

The subject of crystal protection can be very controversial indeed, so I will cover this subject purely as I view it. Generally when the word “protection” is used within the context of crystals, it is a reference to spiritual protection. From either other worldly entities or protection against other people psychically attacking you. While I do not believe I have experienced the former (attack from other worldly entities). I have experienced the latter (psychic attack). Crystals may also be used for protection against environmental pollutants and for radiation given off by man made electrical appliances, or even solar radiation. It is recommended that you utilize crystals in elixir form to get the most effective detoxifying results.

Crystal Protection is a technique that I choose to use very sparingly – pretty much as a last resort option. Why is that you may ask? My view is – if one is focusing a fair amount of time on “protection” it in fact becomes a fear based knee jerk reaction. Even worse, you may manifest a potentially unpleasant experience. The act of thinking and focusing on something, is to give that “thing” energy and power. So to my mind it is a really good idea to only give focus and power to the things you really want to invite into your life.

On occasion, a person can focus unwanted and unwarranted attention your way. If this is the case – yes working with crystal protection may be one of your best options. If one notices themselves focusing on the issue of protection often, it may be a good idea to take the time to quietly meditate. Looking within, rather than outside of yourself – may well provide the answer as to why you are feeling the need for protection.

I have on occasion experienced psychic attack. On each of these rare occasions my personal “go to” protection crystal has been Black Tourmalated Quartz. This particular type of crystal has a default “Return to Sender” function. I modify this function to a “Return Unconditional Love” program. On each of these occasions, the feeling of outside pressure and interference that I was experiencing was instantly removed. I will admit to feeling a little miffed that I had needed to employ this technique in the first place!

General Crystals for Protection

Crystals that have a focus and/or ability to offer protection are fairly common. The following is a sample list, there will certainly be others. The crystal that stands head and shoulders above all others in terms of personal protection  is Black Tourmalated Quartz – particularly the new variety found in Colombia in early 2019 as it is in Lemurian Seed form and very powerful. Other crystals that can help is Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Lazulite, Actinolite, Cascading Quartz, Mica, Obsidian, Onyx, Prehnite, Rose Quartz, Silver, Stichtite, and Tiger Iron.

Crystal Protection Techniques

Crystal Protection Against Psychic Attack

As mentioned above, I advise using this sparingly. The best way is to simply connect to a crystal with protective properties that is in your immediate presence, or to remote connect to a crystal you have previously worked with. Keep it simple, and use Conscious Intent in its best form for you – be that through visualization, feeling, or the word/thought form itself. That is it – leave the rest to the crystal, it knows how best to work with you. Leaving the program “open” with minimum “instructions” gives the crystal the greatest variety of ways possible for affording you protection. Basically set and forget, do not give the offender any energy to feed off, just leave it to the crystal to take care of things.

Crystal Protection for Property

Usually the best way to protect either personal property, or the property you live on, is through crystal grids. You may wish to grid the room your personal property resides in, or grid your dwelling, or the land your dwelling resides on. For more information regarding Crystal Grids, Click Here to read a fantastic article on Crystal Grids by Merlin.

Crystal Protection Against Background and Technology induced Non-ionizing Radiation

My personal preference for this is using either Hematite or Black Tourmaline on my person. This is because non-ionizing radiation surrounds us in the modern world, so wearing the right stone or crystal charges the aura for full time all around protection. The example I’m about to relate is the story that got me started on my crystalline journey! One of the jobs I did for many years, had me surrounded by many mainframe computers. To say I was saturated by non-ionizing was an understatement! I was given a Hematite disc pendant to wear. I did not immediately notice the difference, but carried on wearing it. After a few months I lost the pendant, at that time I noticed I was starting to feel very tired at work. I then realized that since I had started to wear the hematite disc, I had been having a lot more personal energy in the workplace. I then purchased a much bigger Hematite disc and really noticed an immediate improvement in my personal energy levels. I wore the hematite disc directly against my skin over my solar plexus chakra.

I have worked with a number of people that have lived with either a large power transformer installed right outside their homes, or had high voltage electricity power lines over their dwellings. In this case I installed very large Black Tourmaline crystal  – encased in a 48 coil copper tubing. This device was placed inside the roof space of each house. An immediate softening of energy was noticed within the house owners living space in all cases.

Crystal Protection Against Pollution

Protection against pollution is best done through making or purchasing crystal elixirs. This will purge the toxicity from your bodies major organs – be it heavy metal, or chemical based pollution. Some of the crystals with a focus on this are Durangite, Fluorite, Petrified Wood, Apatite, Jadeite, Turquoise, Citrine Quartz, Elestial Quartz and Lapis.

Crystal Protection For Your Personal Space

I look at this style of protection as more equipping one to deal with extreme stress, rather than the suit of armor style protection. An example would be – you are a health and safety officer for a large company and your in a meeting needing to convince the managers of new costly safety measures needing to be implemented. Obviously you would face great resistance from everyone else in the room. It is at times like this you need a boost from crystals to protect and amplify your personal energy. Going for the suit of armor style protection would not be conducive to getting a positive result – as deflecting or reflecting their energy back to them would not be helpful. Increasing your personal energy instead would allow you to communicate your vision and methodologies in a far more enlightening and receptive manner. Crystals helpful for this style of protection would be Citrine Quartz, Cascading Quartz, Golden Calcite, Lapis, Aquamarine, Amethyst and Clear Quartz.

Crystal Protection Against Non Physical Entities

These are beings that once had a physical body  – but are now on the astral plane, such as loved ones ancestors. Any time an entity is present it requires energy to keep it around. So whether it is a loved one or a mischievous entity – it is always good to help them cross over and go on their way. If they have come from the other side, often they are here to deliver a message or resolve an issue.  Using Crystalline energies: You can have the crystal on you, or simply remote connect to a crystal –  and from there you can begin your work. If your crystal or crystals do not have the programs in place to help  with this transaction you can do so easily using conscious intent. Most Quartz based crystals may be considered when working with non physical entities. Just go with your intuition when choosing a crystal.

Recommended Reading – Check out the Spiritual Protection article on the blog of Merlin Emrys by clicking HERE>

Do you have a personal experience, question or information pertaining to the using protection techniques with crystals? Please feel free to use the comments form below to share your knowledge with the Crystal Information encyclopedia. Please note, we moderate this feature to keep the site free from unwanted spam.

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