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Record Keeper Properties and Meaning

Record Keeper Crystals have triangles etched on the faces of the termination. Usually they are Quartz, but occasionally they can appear on other crystals such as Ruby and Kunzite. Read more about Smoky Quartz crystal healing properties below.

Intuitive Healing – Spiritual Trigger Words & Phrases For Record Keeper Quartz

Here at, We like to fully encourage people to use their intuition when it comes to crystals! We believe that every individual is unique, so too is every crystal, thus a unique experience will always occur! Read More
Past Life

General Record Keeper Information

What Does One Use it For and How Does One Use it?

One can access VAST amounts of information using these crystals. It is not so much that the crystal itself holds the information, it is more a direct link to an atmospheric layer above us that holds every vibration ever vibrated on the planet. These crystals give you a direct interface with this library of knowledge held within the akashic layer and will connect you with information that is relevant to your path in life.

To access a Record Keeper crystal, hold one in your hand and empty your head of all thoughts (except if you have any questions). Concentrate on your breath and relax. Let any thoughts, visions or sensations filter through, but try not to analyze them until after your session is complete. It is important to stay within the flow. Catch and surf the wave of information as it occurs!


Record Keeper Crystals are quite rare. Most of these will have just one or two triangles on the termination faces. The photo galleries below show Master Record Keeper crystals which have many, many triangles. These photos are harvested from the archives which contain more than 100,000 photos going back more than 15 years!


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Video

Record Keeper Crystal Galleries


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 1

Record Keeper Crystal Example One


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 3

Record Keeper Crystal Example Three


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 5

Record Keeper Crystal Example Five


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 7

Record Keeper Crystal Example Seven


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 9

Record Keeper Crystal Example Nine


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 11

Record Keeper Crystal Example Eleven


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 13

Record Keeper Crystal Example Thirteen


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 2

Record Keeper Crystal Example Two


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 4

Record Keeper Crystal Example Four


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 6

Record Keeper Crystal Example Six


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 8

Record Keeper Crystal Example Eight


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 10

Record Keeper Crystal Example Ten


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 12

Record Keeper Crystal Example Twelve


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 14

Record Keeper Crystal Example Fourteen

Click on the photo below for a high resolution image showing Record Keeper Quartz!

Do you have a personal experience, question or information pertaining to the crystal healing properties and meaning of Record Keeper Quartz? Please feel free to use the comments form below to share your knowledge with the Crystal Information encyclopedia. Please note, we moderate this feature to keep the site free from unwanted spam.

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53 thoughts on “Record Keeper

  1. Do you know what the triangular etchings on this piece are?  I feel like it has record keeper triangles on the faces but I have never seen such a pattern of triangles on the body of a quartz like this. They are three-dimensional so not just smooth on the rock.  They look like a straight up Sierpinski triangle!  
    ps. ur website is awesome but this comment form is super awkward to use

    • Hi Ethan, Thank You for your contribution. Great crystal. Yes, I would define that as a record keeper, unconventional too, but yes!
      Thanks for your comment on the comment section. I’m guessing you are meaning the photos and how hard it is to attach them. I often have looked at plugins that let people upload their own photos to the server, but unfortunately these plugins have large security holes, and once I got hacked from using such a plugin – so twice shy sort of thing.

      • thanks for the reply.  do you know of any good books on record keeper crystals? that talk about the origin of the term, etc…  not just a page or two on it but a whole book on the subject?

  2. I have recently gotten this point and I wanted to see if it was a starbrary as well as a record keeper. I wasn’t really expecting it – but when it came in the mail I noticed that there were triangular marks on 3 faces, as well as dot like glyphs and some barcode like textures on the sides.

    Would love to get your help here and thanks so much in advance!

    • Hi Jonathan,
      Thank You for your message.
      Great photos and crystal! I’m not seeing starbrary markings, but I’m definitely seeing Record Keeper Triangles!!

      Thank You again for sharing!

  3. I found these two Crystal's on the same day at the same store. I have been looking for record keepers for awhile now. Hoping these are them! If so what kind?  TIA. They are angel aura quartz and amethyst. 

    • Hi Innah, Thank You so much for sharing!
      OK, lets start with the amethyst, this is a Record Keeper, not just any Record Keeper, but A trigonic Record Keeper! As if Trigonics were not rare enough, the Amethyst ones that have as many upside down indented triangles such as yours are especially rare!! Awesome score! 🙂 Please find some more information below by author Judy Hall….

      I cannot see Record Keeper triangles on the Angel Aura Quartz, that form is known by a few names, here is the link below to learn about it’s family….

      Cascading Quartz

      Trigonic Quartz Information by Judy Hall

      Having now facilitated four workshops at which the Trigonics were used and done a great deal of personal exploration, I had amassed a pile of information that still needs further sorting out in coherent sections but pass it on now for what it is worth and in the hope that other people will be able to add to our knowledge. It is clear that everyone who works with Trigonic has a very personal experience of the stone, and that different stones and their shapes facilitate different energy and information interchanges. Nevertheless, there are underlying parallels.

      I can only echo Jane Anne Dow’s feeling on first holding this quartz that it is an initiatory stone of connection to higher consciousness that ‘sets’ a newly emerging/awakening spiritual pattern in place and which brings about a profound – and continuous – connection to that higher consciousness. (I didn’t feel that it initiated a new pattern, other stones had done that but it did settle it in.) It fits in with the concept of the holographic soul in which the soul is a hologram, part of an overall holograph which is consciousness. The overall holograph holds all potentiality and the individual hologram can link into this and trigger a ‘new’ level of awareness and integration, a task which is facilitated by holding Trigonic Quartz (see The Book of Why, due out soon, for a further explanation of the holographic soul).

      Before I first worked with the Trigonic, I had been working with Rainbow Quartz, Nirvana, Satyaloka, Satyamani and other high vibration stones to open the chakras above the head, especially the soul star and stellar gateway and the Trigonic immediately took me to the place where I had left off and carried me up to what I could best describe as unity consciousness. I was part of, and aware of, All That Is (which included vast interstellar and inter-dimensional states of being), and yet despite being merged with that consciousness, I retained my own personal awareness through a connection to what I personally call my Higher Self (this may be Jane Dow’s ‘Oversoul’). I would say that the stone took me home. This is the holograph, a ‘place/state/vibration’ with which I am very familiar and yet my connection and immersion was different through using the Trigonic. Normally although I would still be aware that the higher consciousness plane was there, I would not be so strongly plugged in as I am since holding the stone.

      ‘It will be as it will be and what is, is perfect’ is what the stone initially said to me. ‘I bring you light’ was said later.

      From the moment I first held them, my question was ‘is this stone fully natural, has it been grown, amended, tampered with? The stone feels like frozen foam and I, and others, wondered if the triangles had been artificially etched in any way. The stone simply did not feel like a ‘normal’ crystal although it was very much alive. This question was answered some months later by the crystal beings themselves in Walter Bruneel’s channelling (see below). The Trigonics told us that they were formed from a kind of plasma that solidified and in which much information was encoded that would be released when the time was right. By our paying attention to them, they were solidifying further and coming more strongly into being.

      Many people felt that the stone had a sense of humour and a playfulness about it. Having worked with the Trigonics for six months now I have established that Trigonic Quartz has more than a touch of the trickster energy to it – acting a bit like Coyote in the medicine wheel! It makes you stay with what is, be in the moment, go with the flow, whatever you want to call it. It certainly teaches that you cannot rely on consensus reality or what appears to be going to happen in even the near future – and it most definitely has its own idea about who it is going to work with and draws the most appropriate group together.

      Trigonic has a very powerful connection with water, having condensed into a crystal from a plasmic energy bubble. They are psychotronic. It is like a supercomputer based on water molecules with all the crystals communicating together. They are transceivers, transmitting and receiving, and create a feedback system that goes to all souls in the group (human and crystal). Trigonics are strongly connected to the cosmic tides and to the earth’s poles and earth currents. They link to the pressure of the ice ages that compressed them into more solid form. Trigonic energy can flow through the body in waves and will be experienced at different temperatures according to the body type.

      The stones requested that an essence be made – preferably in a deep toned metal Tibetan bowl or a low toned crystal bowl – and placed in all the earth’s oceans, rivers (especially at their source) and lakes. This would open hearts and minds and, through humans eventually drinking the water, it would ‘dissolve the DNA coding for war’. Many bottles of the essence have now been sent around the world – both actually and in thought which the stones told us would be as powerful as putting the actual essence into the water.

      It is clear that you have to be absolutely ready to work with this stone, having cleansed the ‘ordinary’ chakras, letting go of any emotional blockages, and having carefully done your work with other high vibration crystals to clear and open the higher chakras as a preparation. There are no short cuts. If you are carrying anything toxic, Trigonic detoxes you – fast! It’s a bit like going up a ladder to higher consciousness taking awareness of your body and the earth with you but the body has to be resonating at its highest frequency and anything that is getting in the way is removed.

      The stones are themselves opening up extremely fast – taking on substance is how they described it and they certainly feel much heavier with each workshop and working. Having ventured out to see if the time is right, and having been welcomed, they are now desperately anxious to get to work. The front rank as it were have surfaced and sent information back to the others who are monitoring the situation. Although they can do a great deal on their own account, they need compatible and harmonious human consciousness to facilitate their work. They informed us on day 1 that if our attitude to their information was respectful, then more information would be forthcoming. They also described themselves as ‘devices that make remembrance of parallel realities possible’.

      Initially, it took people a day and a half to be ready to work with the Trigonic – we gradually cleansed, opened up and accessed multi-dimensions within ourselves and the universe and, even then, one of the most experienced crystal workers was unable to work with the stone as he was told to undertake a much longer journey with the preceding crystal first. But now even people who have done little crystal work only need a chakra cleanse and rebalance, then opening with higher vibration stones – if they are ready to fully commit to the work (again, I’d reiterate, these stones aren’t a short cut). This opening up takes a morning or less. The Trigonics say that this is because the work they have come to do is urgent – helping to control the oil spill, for instance, and transmuting that potentially ‘destructive’ energy into beneficial energy for the planet couldn’t wait.

      The crystals – and their information – come from a race who had great dignity and who treated everyone equally, communicating at a very high level. There is a powerful Orion and Pleidian connection but the crystal oversoul came from beyond our universe, becoming trapped way back in time. They were ‘lightly clothed in skin’ being more like energy beings. They, in the crystal form they have now taken, respond to sound but not high notes like tingshas, deep toned metal bowls or drums are appropriate and they will adapt to an individual’s frequency.

      With this crystal, you can experience where you’ve come from, being in oneness and the Light and yet remain aware of your individuality. The crystal’s oversoul communicated that its proper name is Ogrine or Orgrine and was important for the present time as it helped to find your origins. It was experienced by many people as a vortex with pulsating triangles of light spiraling down into a pathway that led to the heart, and filling body and soul with compassionate love for what everyone and the earth is going through.

      • Wow. I have some catching up to do but I believe it will come at an accelerated rate seeing as I have in front of me about 20 raw ruby master record keepers. Not sure how this is going to unfold but… see you in a different vibration! Blessings.

          • EhLee. Aka lilykatt

            Nice page!! I love the vibe. Well I recently started collecting crystals obsessively that I got scared… idk just a sudden attraction.. started learn about earths minerals and our connection. It’s been a journey. So recently I bought some random items from an estate and to my surprise there was a small bag with raw tiny Ruby’s. Been having them for about a month and just yesterday I actually put them under my microscope and I was blown away. So many have triangles!! ( been messing around with growing my own crystals and wanted to see what a raw natural crystal structure looked like, since it’s hard to believe anything I see I online) I never knew much about Lemuria only herd about Atlantis. But lately I kid you not Lemuria is a topic that keeps stalking me, it almost seems that way. The triangle is constantly popping up on me. My favorite necklace/ choker is an mossagate with facet triangle on one side and upside down triangle on the other. I keep it on. What should I make of this.maybe I’m just being crazy. Help

          • Thank You so much for your comment and question. In short, no you are not going crazy. I believe the more accurate term would be “Awakened”. It is very important you keep going with the flow. Finding/attracting all these record keepers and bumping into all these Lemurian references is the universe showing you that you are an important cog in the machine for gathering and reintroducing both old and new information. Simply by gaining and comprehending knowledge helps spread the understanding across the planet for others to pick up on. As your understanding permeates through general consciousness, it helps raise it. So carry on this new exciting journey – buckle up and enjoy the ride!

    • Sweet, thanks for the info… and there is definently triangles on the angel aura it was hard to photograph them because they are either really small or engraved in the side .I'll take another photo and send it to you. I need to cleanse my chakras before I work with them for sure. I havent decided how yet.

      • Yes, Record Keeper triangles can be hard to photograph. I find the easiest way is to get the light reflecting off the termination face like a mirror, then turn the crystal a fraction, then they appear and you snap them fast!
        Enjoy working with these special crystals.

      • Ahh, sorry I did not make that connection clearer yesterday. It is the upside down triangles that signifies a Trigonic Record Keeper, from which I pasted in the information about yesterday. The triangles facing up are straight Record Keepers.

        • No what I mean to say is that the angel aura quartz has both types of triangles on it. So it has upside down triangles and upright triangles on one stone. I've never heard of or seen that before. 

          • While Trigonics are rare, it is not unusual for them to have both types of triangles you are describing, particularly the family yours is (Cascading Quartz From Inner Mongolia). The great thing is these crystals have both sets of attributes 🙂

    • So I got a spirit quartz AND a huge herkimer diamond that are BOTH RECORD KEEPERS!!! Its amazing. I had 4 now within one months time. I wonder what that means for me.

      • Hi Innah, Thank you for your message. Crystals like record keepers are attracted to people who are ready to process the information they have to share. And this understanding and information can then be shared by the recipient to others, more often at an etheric level. (Other sensitive types pick up on your new information and it gets shared throughout the population on an sub-conscious level). That is how new information, ideas, and inventions can pop up seemingly independent of each other yet simultaneously all over the World.

  4. Benita Grotto glenn


    I bought this in Cave City Ky, and the guy said it was a double generator record keeper. I don’t see pyramids. He said it was a record keeper bc of the lines in it. The pictures you have are stunning. I will try to upload mine so maybe you can shred some light. Thank you 

    • Thank you for your comment and photos! Record Keepers are notoriously hard to photograph. I cannot see any Record Keeper triangles, but that by no way means there aren’t any! The best way to find them is to hold the crystal in such a way that the light reflects of the termination face like a mirror, then turn the crystal of so slightly and you will see the triangles. Repeat with each termination face. I’m not sure about the Generator side of things though. True generators have all 6 termination faces reaching the very tip of the crystal. They are actually quite rare. Thank You again for sharing!

  5. Hi, I have a quartz sphere with triangles that appear on the inside, they look holographic. There are at least a dozen triangles, plus there are triangles inside of triangles. Is there any difference between what I have & ones that have etchings? (The pictures I sent are of the same sphere in different lighting.)

    Thank you, Lorna

    • Hi Lorna,
      Thank You for your e-mail and photos.
      I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like that before! That is a very special sphere indeed. My feelings are that yes, it is very much a Record Keeper, but furthermore, it is a multi dimensional aspect to the records you will have access too given they are internal and holographic. Absolutely phenomenal!

      • Thank you so much for your reply!! At first I thought I was imagining the triangles…. wishing that they were truly there.. Needless to say… I freaked out…. the sphere itself is so beautiful… I had to have it… I can't wait to hear what it has to tell me!!

        Love & Gratitude, Lorna

      • My friend found this giant quartz cluster just sitting in the middle of the woods. I traded my extra flat screen tv for it:) I believe in one of the faces there are three record keeper triangles. But They feel raised though? I’m sure there are many many more unique features I get to figure out on this beauty!

  6. Michelle Fuller

    Recently I have learned about Record Keepers and decided to check my crystal out. I have many photos with many different triangles. Can I send a copy of the photos to you? There have to be more than 50 record keepers throughout the crystal and the photos are really crisp. I would like to share this knowledge. They are so incredible not to show everyone who is interested in this wonderful treasure.

  7. Namaste Anthony,

    Thank you for providing this forum and sharing your knowledge. After stumbling upon your site looking for information on Trigonic Quartz I looked through my collection and noted a crystal that I believe to be a Lemurian Seed crystal and also noted that it is also a record keeper. After holding it for a while I noted more triangles appeared on one face. I also noted what looked like a portal on one side but not on a face. I will forward pics to your email for your review. Any thoughts of what type of crystal this is would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your support ! 

  8. Hi Anthony, I recently purchased a record keeper – it is a large Celestite point with quite a lot of indented triangles, however there is also one small raised triangle. How usual is it to have a Celestite record keeper. I don't seem to be able to upload some photo's but maybe there is a e-mail that I can send it to so that you can have a look?

      • Hi just learning about these crystals and I think I’ve got one. It had about 5 small raised crystals and 4 raised big crystals that almost come to a point in the center. Almost like it’s 3d. Please let me know what you think.
        P.S. Not sure if it matters but it also has lines.

  9. Good Evening and Happy 2018 Everyone! I'm new to this thread but started learning about crystals and stones about 3 years ago and recently realized I have what I believe is one of these beautiful specimens. I saw a bunch of tiny triangles on 1 face, all pointing upwards and they're all sunken in…when looking up why this would be in or on a quartz point; I found this page. Would it be possible for me to email pictures for possible confirmation? I'm just curious as many of the triangles on these look larger and less numerous. 



      • Aloha, I too am new at learning and collecting crystals!!  I couldn't be more happy!  I have just learned about the record keepers! I bought 2 little clear quartz with record keepers on the big island! When I got back to mMaui I looked at a few of mine and I saw this! It blew my mind away! It is a Apophyllite with Stilbite!  This is such a beautiful crystal.   I will try and figure out how to send a picture? I can send it to your email!  I'm over the moon excited about this one! 

        Mahalo, Rhonda

  10. I have several record keepers – some which with the triangle visible when I got it, some it became visible afterward.  Recently I found a crystal that doesn't meet the definition of a record keeper but it still seems significant.  There is material embedded in the quartz crystal; my guess is copper or algae of some sort based on the color.  One of the termination faces has a triangular hole in the material, it also looks like this extends into the crystal like a column.  I wondered if you have any thoughts.  (It is also a Dow)


    • Hello Julie,
      Thank You for your message. Record Keeper triangles can and indeed do appear where they once were not! The triangular recess you mention sounds like it could be a doorway? Check out the link below. BTW, my apologies for the late reply, I found your comment just now in the spam folder, I’m working on making that less sensitive!

      Doorway Quartz

  11. I have had a crystal image in my minds eye the last few days of a clear Quartz crystal facet with a single triangle on it but didn't know why & yesterday out of the clear blue a friend asked if I had a record keeper crystal. I'd never heard of that term but instantly knew the connection to my minds eye image. I went thru my crystals & sure enough one had a perfect triangle on one facet (which I will email to you for confirmation) & a much smaller one (can't seem to catch it for photo.) I am fascinated with this now! A friend gave me your link & I am grateful to have found it! Thanks for letting me share my excitement! Cyndy

    • Hi Cyndy,
      Thank You for taking the time to share your exciting experience! That is a superb Record Keeper you have there – the number of smaller triangles on the back face of the crystal signifies it is a Master Record Keeper – A truly rare breed!
      Please find the photos of Cyndy’s exciting crystal below!
      Record Keeper Crystal
      Master Record Keeper!

  12. Have you ever heard of a record keeper growing from within? A beautiful record keeper has recently found its way to me through the exchange of many hands. Just within the last few days what first looked like an inclusion of some sort has sprouted from the surface with a small crystal protruding from within. As of today it is now about 1/16th of an inch above the surface of the main crystal. Many other unusual features have manifested with this crystal. I hesitate on speaking of this for now, however. Thank you for any info you may be able to share.

    • Hi Marilee,

      Thank You for your msg, I apologize for the late reply! Though I have never heard of the specific experience you are having, I have absolutely seen crystals change their physical appearance and shape. I have also had record keepers appear that were not there previously. I believe these things change when the crystal is in the presence of a person that is running at the vibration to receive such gifts of learning and experience. Enjoy!


  13. Hello,

    My most favorite crystal that i have revealed itself to be a record keeper with dozens of triangles on every face, and I was beyond happy. Just recently I have also read about starbrary crystals (pretty much record keepers programed by those of another race from outside our planet), and it turned out that markings on my crystal that I thought were just imperfections on its sides were actually glyphs! 

    Is it possible to have a crystal that is a record keeper AND a starbrary? I'd also love to send you photos but I'm not sure how from this particular comment area.

    Cheers and I hope to hear back soon!

    – Callie L.

    • Hi Callie,
      In answer to your question – YES, a crystal can absolutely be both a record keeper and a starbrary crystal!

      If you have a photobucket style account, you can upload your photo to that, and then add it in to this comments area by clicking on the little postcard looking image next to the smiley face and paste in the photos photobucket (or equivalent) url and it is done. If you do not have such an account, no problemo email it to us and we will put it in for you!

      The email address to use is

  14. I bought a crystal that manifested and then dented recordkeeper after I held it for a while could you tell me more about this. ?I even went back to the store where I purchased it because the owners head examined it closely because I had some questions about some phantoms inside of it they both concurred that there was no indented recordkeeper on the Crystal when I bought it thank you.

    • Hi There,
      I have heard of this before with record keeper crystals. When they come into contact with the right person, they develop one or more record keeper triangles that were not there previously. Crystals are viewed by many as living beings, and they can and do change. I myself have had crystals change in physical form over time. It is not a common occurrence, so congratulations on your very special experience with your new crystal friend 🙂

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