Angelite Properties and Meaning – Angelite is a member of the Sulfate family. It comes in both massive and crystalline form (Anhydrite), with colors from grey to sky blue. Read more about Angelite healing properties information and view photo galleries with high resolution photo below.

Angelite Fast Facts

Angelite Physical Properties

Physical Makeup
Variety Of
Common Locations
Colors & Variations
Is in three directions forming rectangles
Index of Refraction
nα = 1.567–1.574 nβ = 1.574–1.579 nγ = 1.609–1.618
Specific Gravity
Approximately 3.0
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Angelite Healing Properties and Meanings

Chakra Associations
Throat, Third Eye
Subtle Bodies
Zodiac Sign:
Positions On Body
Musical Note
Emotional Influence
Empathy, Calming
Spiritual Gifts
Communication With Angelic Realm
Diseases Treated
Headaches, Thyroid, Sleep Apnea
Nutrients Boosted
Psychological Influence
Self Confidence
Physical Body
Throat, ears (Hearing)

Intuitive Healing – Spiritual Trigger Words & Phrases For Angelite

Here at, We like to fully encourage people to use their intuition when it comes to crystals. We believe that every individual is unique. So too is every crystal, thus a unique experience will always occur! Read More
Calm Under Pressure

General Angelite Crystal Healing Information

For what and How Does One Use it?

Angelite, being Anhydrite that has been crushed over millions of years, passes on the knowledge of keeping cool, calm and collected when finding oneself under pressure. As the name would suggest it gives one a direct link to the angelic realm. It alleviates fear and anxiety and promotes empathy for others’ plights and situations.

Meditate with Angelite to enhance psychic healing and telepathic communication abilities and to facilitate astral travel and spirit journeys.

It is not a good idea to cleanse Angelite in water as it will become damaged. Smudging or using conscious intent is the way to go when cleansing this stone.

Angelite Crystal Galleries and High Resolution Photo


Angelite Properties and Meaning

Massive Form Angelite (Anhydrite)


Angelite Properties and Meaning

Angelite Rough Form (Anhydrite)


Angelite Properties and Meaning

Angelite Goddess


Angelite Properties and Meaning

Angelite Pendulum

Click the Angelite Crystal below for a high resolution photo!

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5 thoughts on “Angelite

  1. Hello,


    I noticed my Angelite rocks growing many white dots, and one has white dots and is turning light cloudy brown.  Does anyone know what this mean(s)?  Any recommendation(s) on how to cleanse the rocks?


    Thanks, kk


  2. I see almost everywhere that angelite is identical with anhydrite, that is CaSO4, with a specific gravity around 2.9. Celestite on the contrary is SrSO4, and as Strontium is a heavier element than Calcium, the SG of celestite is higher, almost 4.0. 

    If Angelite was a crushed celestite, as you say, the SG would be expected to be even higher than 4.0 and this is not the case, obviously! You should correct your information on Angelite. 

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