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Alien Quartz Properties and Meaning

Alien Quartz Properties and Meaning – Alien Quartz Crystals are double terminated quartz crystals that have a single point termination at one end, and a multi-pointed termination at the opposite end. Read more about Alien Quartz healing properties information and view the photo galleries down below.

General Alien Quartz Crystal Healing Information

For what and How Does One Use it?

Alien Quartz crystals are the multi-threaders of the crystal World. Being Double Terminated – they work in full duplex mode (simultaneously in both directions). That is to say they can receive multiple threads of information in the multi-terminated end, then weave the threads into a single thread of information. The crystal then projects that information out through the single termination.  Having the crystal weave the light threads into a cohesive, indexed format enables one to receive and better understand complex concepts and principles.

Alien Quartz Crystals can also project a single program in multiple formats, over multiple channels. They do this by receiving the program in the single terminated end, then multiplexing (splitting into separate threads) and projecting the program out through the multi-terminated end.

Both the processes described above may be initiated through the use of “Conscious Intent”.

In addition to the above properties, Alien Quartz crystals do everything a standard Double Terminated Quartz Crystal does.


Alien Quartz Crystal Galleries and High Resolution Photo


Alien Quartz Properties and Meaning Example Photo 1

Alien Quartz Example Photo 1


Alien Quartz Properties and Meaning Example Photo 3

Alien Quartz Example Photo 3


Alien Quartz Properties and Meaning Example Photo 2

Alien Quartz Example Photo 2


Alien Quartz Properties and Meaning Example Photo 4

Alien Quartz Example Photo 4

Click the Alien Quartz Crystals below for higher resolution photos!

Alien Quartz Crystal Specimen - Photograph by Anthony Bradford

Alien Quartz Crystal Specimen - Photograph by Anthony Bradford

Tangerine Alien Quartz Crystal Specimen - Photograph by Anthony Bradford

Tangerine Alien Quartz Crystal Specimen - Photograph by Anthony Bradford

Smoky Alien Quartz Crystal Specimen - Photograph by Anthony Bradford

Smoky Alien Quartz Crystal Specimen - Photograph by Anthony Bradford

Smoky Alien Quartz Crystal Specimen - Photograph by Anthony Bradford

Smoky Alien Quartz Crystal Specimen - Photograph by Anthony Bradford

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7 thoughts on “Alien Quartz

  1. Mr Stephen Hastie

    I had an interesting experience. I have had a long period of interaction with extraterrestrials, many experiences which I can't go into in detail here. Suffice it to say that recently a blue gemstone appeared in my bedroom on my electric piano (I'm an amateur musician). It just appeared out of nowhere. I have fixed it to a neck chain I have. I had used such crystals as moldavite and flourapatite some time ago. I believe they've sent me this gemstone. It's pale blue, but its colouration is not quite like anything I can find on the internet. I've had mixed feelings about crystal related stuff, but this is an experience of an altogether different order. I know extraterrestrials are real. I've had many experiences over nearly fifty years of my life. I'm 56 and they started at age 7 when I first read a book on UFOs. What I would say to people reading this is be alert. Be mindful and you'll be surprised what you see. Stephen.

  2. Hi… 

    i have been searching everywhere for someone who knows a bit about this… it’s a really crazy story but basically? I have been thought to be one of those “psychic children” who for many years practiced my gift on the ouija board.. only by myself.. the powers weakened considereat for many years and I left it alone S my spouse was spooked but the whole thing.. recently we split up, and I went through what can only be described as a life changing 5 month long life apocalypse of the most violent relathionship. In utter desperation I consulted the board but this time was different…. there were no words used. The piece gravitated towards some crystals I had laying around. I picked up one thinking I’d see if that was something that was needed and .. the crystal moved in the most powerful fashion. It sped up to another where it.. absorbed its essence and went on to… this is nuts…endow knowledge, tasks and showed me things that I had no prior knowledge of. It clarified it all. It was in the crystals where I saw things. Like ships. Creatures. Outer space and galaxies. It moved (with my hand ) aling the carpet to hiding spots my abuser had hid my SIM card, valueables, cash, and the tools I needed to understand what had happened. If this had been one tome I’d chalk it up to.. madness. But it kept happening again and again. It became immediately clear that I hadn’t been communicating with spirits at all for my whole life … these were definitely aliens. Some humanoid some not near to Earth or even of out time. Although I see time differently now. It’s like they are with me and sooo far away. Some of them their technology for reaching me is weak. Some are strong. I saw one… a VERY strong presence. A green reptile that looked at first to be a monster but the crystal soul dshift just so here and there to clarify the signal? Broad faced… red eyes, familiar, like a father, but  cold stare, like… not angry but hypnotic, focused, I could see the breathing the chest gently rising and falling… I felt this tingling and was made to feel like Don’t be afraid, yes this is the answer I am here with u… and then? My fear was decreased. I knew the creature felt little emotional attachment.  Indifference, like a cat that has the mouse in his clutches and the mouse just goes calm, waiting for it to end… this sounds morbid I know but it showed me an essential truth. Of which as I learned more, was described in many things as a Reptilian overlord. That I was somehow entangled in this is most distressing but I wonder.. what is my role? Why was I shown this? Who are the others? Why are they helping? I’m just a grain of sand? And do u have any advise or books on which to learn more? Any one specialize in crystals, aliens, and inter dimensional travel? I’m reading up on psychic attacks, protection etc, and this person is now out of my life,,, I am keenly awakened to a sense of being… vulnerable to more of this in my life. I’m 41- I’m only half way done but I’m old enough not to get caught up in nonsense. I’m scientific minded so I like evidence based work as much as possible, am open to mysteries of course, for what we cannot explain is merely science we have not learned.. thanks in advance!


    • Hi Mitch,

      Well the positive out of this experience is that you have learned the power of crystals and how they can be used to unluck universal information.
      When using tools such as a ouiji board one needs to consider the possiblity of being deceived by benevolent spirits. It can open pathways that you may not know how to deal with, this is not saying dont use it, just use discernment Its also recomended to place programmes in place that will detect and cast away any deceivers while in this open state of being.

      You ask what is your role? Some carry specific energy signatures and they just attract more attention! Just know your not alone. If you havent found a group of likeminded ppl yet you soon will. I dont know where you live but there are groups across the globe that are helpful.

      Your thirst for knowledge will continue to grow, I would suggest some reading of the “Keys of
      Enoch” to help understand the levels of univeral exsistance. They also have group gathers normally free and event gathers with the author that are held in different areas with guests from around the world.

      “The Ozark Research Institution” hold two annual events a “Dowsing Conferance” and a “Power of Thought Conferance” They too have speakers that help ppl learn basic and advanced dowsing skills and how to heal or alter your reality with power of thought.

      32nd “Ozark Mountain UFO Conference” This conferance is very popular and has been running for 32 years they bring speakers in from all over and is very informative.

      All of these conferances have ppl that come from all over the united States and a few from abroad.

      I hope you find this helpful

    • Hi Kathy, these Alien configuration crystals can be found in most Quartz locations. They are not Alien race specific, more over a interface for us humans to communicate with any Alien species at all.

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