Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Properties and Meaning

Clear Quartz Crystals come from many locations around the world. Clear Quartz Crystals are reasonably common and easy to obtain. Many of them have beautiful rainbows inside the crystal! Read more about Clear Quartz crystal healing properties and view photos below.

Intuitive Healing – Spiritual Trigger Words & Phrases For Clear Quartz

Here at, We like to fully encourage people to use their intuition when it comes to crystals! We believe that every individual is unique, so too is every crystal, thus a unique experience will always occur! Read More

Clear Quartz Crystal Healing & Properties Information

Clear Quartz (sometimes called Rock Crystal) is known as a master healer as it is so flexible in the different ways and techniques that it may be used. It should definitely be considered a “must” in every crystal healing collection!

For what and How Does One Use it?

Clear Quartz seeks to find balance wherever it is used. It has the ability to receive, store and transmit many different types of energy, including thought forms.

Clear Quartz enhances life force energy and makes it available for us to use in our everyday lives. It is the great harmonizer! Clear Quartz is a fantastic crystal to use for clearing blockages and is one of the easiest crystals with which to direct your conscious intent.

It works well with most other crystals and in a lot of cases will amplify the other mineral/crystal properties.

Clear Quartz has countless uses! With this in mind, a good idea is to meditate with one. Using your intuition and information gained from meditation will help you to zero in on that particular crystal’s best use for that particular time.


Clear Quartz Crystals Galleries


Clear Quartz Properties and Meaning

Clear Quartz Elestial


Clear Quartz Properties and Meaning

Clear Quartz Rainbows


Clear Quartz Properties and Meaning

Clear Quartz Crystal


Clear Quartz Properties and Meaning

Clear Quartz Channel Crystal


Clear Quartz Properties and Meaning

Clear Quartz Laserwand Crystal


Clear Quartz Properties and Meaning

Clear Quartz Laserwand

Clear Quartz Properties and Meaning

Tapered Clear Quartz Laserwand Crystal


Clear Quartz Properties and Meaning

Clear Quartz Rainbow Crystal


Clear Quartz Properties and Meaning

Clear Quartz Silver Light Crystal


Clear Quartz Properties and Meaning

Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster


Clear Quartz Properties and Meaning

Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster


Clear Quartz Properties and Meaning Example Photo 10

Clear Quartz Laserwands


Clear Quartz Properties and Meaning

Clear Quartz Crystal


Clear Quartz Properties and Meaning

Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster

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11 thoughts on “Clear Quartz

  1. When I was 19 I got a quartz crystal from my mother. I didn’t think that it would effect me as much as it did. I tried to meditate. I held it in my hand for a few minutes then I put it on my forehead and meditated… and nothing. I thought to myself huh maybe it’s properties are just too weak for me to feel. Or maybe my mothers energy is tuned into this rock. Maybe I’m not in tune like I thought. Then a few night later BAM I was laying down to go to sleep. And what it felt like was me soul traveling through what looked like a ribbed tube. I opened my eyes because it freaked me out so bad. Then I closed my eyes again . A few minutes later a speck occurred and as it got closer it was someone’s window. And there was a blonde woman (or older woman I can’t really remember) dancing in her room and someone else came into the window . It felt like the window was floating. Then I think they looked my direction and I opened my eyes because I felt weird about watching someone else. I didn’t want to see it… now thinking about it I probably traveled or was seeing through my third eye. And I wasn’t ready for any of that. The quartz got me to see way too easy, way too fast, way too intense so since then I have tried to stay away from that crystal. It made me have visions before they would happen and for me as a young adult I wanted to be “normal” and that wasn’t normal.  Now I am looking to have a clear quartz again and maybe see if I can handle it again. I have a green aventurine, Apache tears, obsidian, rose quartz, pyrite and now I just got a milky quartz . I also need a clear quartz to help clean my other crystals 

  2. Blessings Anthony,

    Since the other day I have been finding it increasingly difficult to remain grounded and in control of my mind and energies. I also had some areas in which I needed to heal. Then yesterday, I suddenly felt a deep urge to "look up" crystals. I ended up watching a few shorts on the spirit science channel. Later that day, my wife and I went to a music show and the host was giving away a crystal. What a major moment of synchronicity! Needless to say, I won the crystal (which most likely had announced its intent to enter my life from earlier when I did the research). It was supposed to be Amethyst but my wife pointed out that we already had that one in our collection and so the host offered us a clear quartz. We accepted and when I later did my research, I found that clear quartz does exactly what I need at this moment in my life. I immediately set my intentions and boom, instantly more grounded and clear minded, plus I can feel my healing vibrations being amplified. I slept with it under my pillow and I meditated with it this morning. I am happy to have found my new friend, and he also led me to this beautiful site with your amazing information. Keep up the great light work. Quick question- is showering with my new friend an issue?

    Love and light always my friend!

  3. Can u pls share about the "cooked".. partly man-made quartz crystal clusters.. sometimes even appearing with green phantom inside. 

    Another thing is how to know if the points in clusters are naturally unpolished.


    • Hello Desmond, no problem! Both those subjects have been covered in our blog posts. Read about the dyed green phantom quartz by clicking HERE
      and read the first comment at the bottom of this blog post, it covers the “cooked” crystals very, very well. Click HERE to view that blog post.

      Suppliers do sell “natural” crystals that have one or more polished faces. They are quite easy to spot. The edges of the polished termination face are slightly rounded. Another way to spot them is to get the light reflecting of the face, nearly every natural crystal will have slight markings, lines or glyphs on them. If it is uniformly shiny, there is a very good chance the face has been polished.

  4. Question:   I have clear quartz crystals (10 used indoors and outdoors)  which went through a very hot 1400 degree forest fire …

    –some actually broke apart and became milky

    –some were carbonized on the exterior

    –a few small ones were buried for a ceremonial area and are marked with soot from burned soil but seem to retain their "good energy and power to function"

    –one managed to be mostly unscathed and carries a lot of difficult energies from the fire

    I am looking for information about what has happened to these crystals, whether they can be cleaned and with what and ways to "heal" them …as I heal myself after losing cabin home and all belongings, writings, photographs, as an artist and ceremonialist.

    Thanks for info or being pointed to someone who can answer these questions.

    • Hi Bonnie,
      Our deepest sympathies to you and your crystal friends for the great trauma you have all been through.
      This experience has bought about great stress upon the crystals, and as you have already intuitively started to do, need to go back into the earth to heal and recover – all of them will benefit greatly from this. The crystals will let you know when they are ready to come back to the surface. Do not be surprised if not all of them are there to be found when you go to raise them to the surface again, some may choose to stay within the earth and will not be found. The ones that do come back will be healed and stronger than ever before.
      I do not recommend undertaking any physical methods to cleanse them as this will create more stress for the crystals.

      The healed crystals will be in the best position to help you through your own self healing. You will still be able to connect with them by sitting near where they are buried and meditating with their energy. However with that being said, being Quartz, you can connect with them from anywhere at anytime through your heart center, you do not need to be right beside them for the healing process to happen.

      • Dear Anthony,

        Thank you so much for your sharing with me — I have just set the crystals into the soil and can feel both their relief and my own to have this action be of service.  Blessings to you,  Bonnie

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