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For eons unscrupulous merchants have been seeking to pull the wool over unsuspecting customer eyes by passing off crystals as being something they are not! Be it cheaper more readily sourced clone/lookalikes, or outright fakes. And modern times are no different. For decades, certain types of Amethyst and Clear Quartz have been irradiated (heated) to alter their natural color and been sold as being Citrine and Smoky Quartz. Many may not realize that Agate seldom comes in any other colors except browns, blacks and off-whites. The orange “Carnelianagate is almost always heated and other colors are most often dyed – though there are rare naturally formed exceptions.

In more recent times, and in some cases very, very recent – we have seen some larger dealers (who should really know better) start to really blur the lines on previously clearly designated quartz configurations and colors. In particular I would like to focus on the morphing of Golden Smoky Quartz into Citrine Quartz, barely striated quartz into Lemurian Seed crystals and iron stained Cascading Quartz into “Citrine Cathedrals“.

I will start with the Golden Smoky morphing into “Citrine” example first. Admittedly this practice is being driven by the Brazilian mines insisting that Golden Smokies are in fact Citrine to jack the price up. The crystal dealer merchants “buy” into the “new” standard. I do not see why they cannot simply state the price of Golden Smoky Quartz has gone up? Why misinform and trick the end customers into believing they have purchased a particular type of crystal in order to line their own pockets with $$$?

The next misrepresentation in my sights is Lemurian Seed crystals. The original standard is thus – every other side of the crystal is striated (in this case the striations are horizontal lines) and the other three opposing sides of the crystal are smooth. Furthermore, an arch typical Lemurian Seed almost always takes a tapering Laser Wand form. Recently a large dealer offered a bunch of so called “Sacred Scribe Lemurian Seed” crystals for sale. From what I could make out, these crystals barely had one striated side, yet alone three, and the form was very block like indeed. A cynical cash grab? In my opinion – yes.

The last crystal I will deal with today is a family of crystals that clearly had an iron stained golden colored surface and had formed in an obvious Cascading/Pineapple/Candle stick form were being touted as high quality “Citrine Lightbrary Cathedrals. Oh dear πŸ™ To my mind these crystals stand in their own right as being wonderful, beautiful wonders of nature! Why assign false misleading names to them??? Customers deserve to be better treated than being looked upon as cash cows awaiting in line to be milked. I would like to see the industry clean up its act – especially the ones portraying themselves as energy-aware light focused crystal merchants.

Part 2 to follow when I get some more time πŸ™‚

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