The Misrepresentation Of Crystals – Part 1

For eons unscrupulous merchants have been seeking to pull the wool over unsuspecting customer eyes by passing off crystals as being something they are not! Be it cheaper more readily sourced clone/lookalikes, or outright fakes. And modern times are no different. For decades, certain types of Amethyst and Clear Quartz have been irradiated (heated) to alter their natural color and been sold as being Citrine and Smoky Quartz. Many may not realize that Agate seldom comes in any other colors except browns, blacks and off-whites. The orange “Carnelianagate is almost always heated and other colors are most often dyed – though there are rare naturally formed exceptions.

In more recent times, and in some cases very, very recent – we have seen some larger dealers (who should really know better) start to really blur the lines on previously clearly designated quartz configurations and colors. In particular I would like to focus on the morphing of Golden Smoky Quartz into Citrine Quartz, barely striated quartz into Lemurian Seed crystals and iron stained Cascading Quartz into “Citrine Cathedrals“.

I will start with the Golden Smoky morphing into “Citrine” example first. Admittedly this practice is being driven by the Brazilian mines insisting that Golden Smokies are in fact Citrine to jack the price up. The crystal dealer merchants “buy” into the “new” standard. I do not see why they cannot simply state the price of Golden Smoky Quartz has gone up? Why misinform and trick the end customers into believing they have purchased a particular type of crystal in order to line their own pockets with $$$?

The next misrepresentation in my sights is Lemurian Seed crystals. The original standard is thus – every other side of the crystal is striated (in this case the striations are horizontal lines) and the other three opposing sides of the crystal are smooth. Furthermore, an arch typical Lemurian Seed almost always takes a tapering Laser Wand form. Recently a large dealer offered a bunch of so called “Sacred Scribe Lemurian Seed” crystals for sale. From what I could make out, these crystals barely had one striated side, yet alone three, and the form was very block like indeed. A cynical cash grab? In my opinion – yes.

The last crystal I will deal with today is a family of crystals that clearly had an iron stained golden colored surface and had formed in an obvious Cascading/Pineapple/Candle stick form were being touted as high quality “Citrine Lightbrary Cathedrals. Oh dear 🙁 To my mind these crystals stand in their own right as being wonderful, beautiful wonders of nature! Why assign false misleading names to them??? Customers deserve to be better treated than being looked upon as cash cows awaiting in line to be milked. I would like to see the industry clean up its act – especially the ones portraying themselves as energy-aware light focused crystal merchants.

Part 2 to follow when I get some more time 🙂

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10 thoughts on “The Misrepresentation Of Crystals – Part 1

  1. Anthony,

      I truly appreciate you taking the time and effort to educate us and I have learned a great amount from your blog posts. Thank you! 

    Keep updating on here as often as you can please because many of us truly need and appreciate the info. 

    • Hi David, Glad to hear you are finding the site useful. OK, lets have a look at the links you have provided to Ebay. I have added a photo from each so people may see once ebay removes the links in a year or so.
      1. Awesome !!! Dragon Elestial Angel Pink Lemurian Quartz Cluster Crystal Point.

      This cluster has no Elestial form and not a Lemurian striation to be seen. The pink Hematite coloring is nice!

      2. Self-Healed!!! Water Clear Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal Cluster-Diamatina, Brazil

      No self healing shown in the photos, and is definitely not from Diamantina, Brazil. My best guess would be from Madagascar. And again no Lemurian striations to be seen either.

      3. Phenomenal Rare Angel’s Peace Lemurian Quartz Cluster with Turquoise-Green

      Not a Lumurian – no striations again. Odd thing is it has very, very cool phantoms and they do not mention those!

      4. Awesome !!! Dragon Elestial Angel Pink Lemurian Quartz Cluster Crystal Point

      This is not Elestial from, it is cascading Quartz form (see link below). And again, not Lemurian.

      5. Rare Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster Specimen

      This is a Smoky and Milky quartz cluster, not clear. Clear Quartz is clear white colored quartz.

      The other words used by the seller for the first four items like “Dragon Elestial” and “Angel’s Peace” are just randomly put in – imho. Also this seller is an expert at making crystals look bigger than what they really are, like they are really, really good at it! It is worth noting that all the clusters are natural, they are not fake in anyway. They are just not what they are calling them. Most sellers from this country (but far from restricted to just this country) have absolutely no idea and either copy other sellers descriptions – who also have no clue, or they just randomly spout out words that sound like they will sell the crystal in question. Really the only way in most ebay listings is to do your own ID homework.

  2. The below pertains mostly to Quartz crystals as they are some of the most often altered crystals.

    Altering the crystal by heating or gamma does not affect the properties of the crystal, thus does not truly affect its healing or whatever purpose you are using the crystal for. It only affects the color intensity, which results in an effect, but does not affect its purpose. You see, the enhanced crystal's structure and molecular composition is not changed when the crystal is altered by heat or gamma rays. Crystal molecular structure and composition is what makes a crystal work. Not the color intensity. That said, color intensity is enhanced mostly for vanity and $$$. The people who are looking for vanity are strongly attracted, but most will only use the crystal for display (although, I believe, the crystal will work for them to some extent whether they believe in the metaphysical or not).

    An amethyst is an amethyst because of a few iron molecules mixed in with the quartz molecules and are then exposed to gamma rays. Aluminum molecules in quartz exposed to gamma rays and smoky quartz is born. Citrine is horse of a different color, if you will. There are 2 types with different molecular compositions. One Citrine type is when the quartz has some iron molecules that have been exposed to high heat. That is why some low grade amethyst can be heated to alter it into Iron Citrine. If you want to know more about the chemical makeup of quartz varieties, The Quartz Page is a superb online reference.

    I tell most people looking for a crystal, for metaphysical purposes, to strive for the unenhanced/unaltered material. But if they feel something really strong from an enhanced one, and they wish to shell out the $$$, go for it. Unfortunately, nowadays people are selling the unenhanced at a higher price as well. Again the almighty $$$ rules in the crystal world but if there were not a profit involved, not many crystals would be available to us. It’s the greedy sellers that place an exorbitant price by giving it a special name that I have a major issue with. But I digress. The enhanced crystal will work the same as natural as long as you picked it for the power and not the vanity.

    Picking a crystal for its vanity will take away some of its purpose and thus likely will not work as well… at least until you have understood your vanity and work to make changes in your vanity attitude. That said, vanity of a crystal does have a place in choosing a crystal, but only for a specific purpose. For example a crystal with internal (naturally made) fractures will often exhibit a rainbow effect when light (especially sunlight) passes through. These crystals, chosen for the rainbow effect, are especially good for use in meditation as they are particularly good for the start of a meditation session. You can focus on the rainbows in the crystal and enjoy their beauty which will assist in freeing the mind of every day distractions… which results in reaching a pure meditation state quicker and easier. I guess I am saying, one needs to know if they are choosing a crystal for its vanity or purpose.

    Additionally, I tell folks that if the crystal is chipped or not "perfect" it will work as good if not better than a perfect one. Again, no matter what the condition and what the color intensity, it's all about the connection with the crystal. All crystals have someone they are destined to help. Especially the non-perfect ones. In my opinion, chips will not adversely affect a crystal as the molecular structure inside the crystal is not altered. Even chipped crystals need a home! Would you not give a home to a three legged dog? I sure hope so. Vanity can hold you back from purchasing an excellent working crystal.

    “In a crystal we have the clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.” –Nikola Tesla

    Color intensity (enhanced) will not negatively affect a crystal unless it is artificially ADDED (dying, and not in the original molecular structure). Heating and gamma rays are Mother’s way of coloring crystals. When mankind uses the same methods it does not damage the crystal’s abilities. It only enhances what Mother has already placed in the chemical makeup of a crystal to make it more appealing (vanity). If you are not influenced by vanity, then heat and gamma enhanced crystals will work just as well for you as the ones that Mother colors.

    Clarity will only affect a crystal if clarity is the intended purpose of the crystal and even then it does not have to be perfect. The crystal must be completely natural in molecular structure and composition for its purpose to be strongest.

    Crystals that have been shaped or polished have been altered to appease vanity. They will still work to some extent but if they have been altered too much it can throw off the purpose because the lineup of the molecules may not be to its natural optimal. If the crystal was only "touched up" then the molecular structure will be very close to the natural molecular lineup and the strength will be only slightly less than the completely natural crystals. Choose a touched up and/or polished crystal only if subconscious vanity is not a factor and the power feels very strong. Beware of cut crystals. Many cut and polished crystals can be way off from the true molecular growth structure as they are often derived from slabs cut from crystals, broken crystals, or large unstructured quartz masses. Again, it’s the molecular composition and structure that makes the crystal work for us. It’s best to stick to completely natural, un-retouched, and unpolished crystals for maximum strength of purpose.

    Know how to spot a touched up and/or cut crystal. It’s fairly easy to do once you learn how the spot the alterations. Shine a light on all the faces (sides included) one at a time. The light should reflect flat on all the sides of each face all the way to the edge of the face. If the light reflection “bends” a little as it gets close to the face edge, the face has likely been touched up. There are exceptions to this rule as an expert craftsman can use a flat lap well enough to keep the face perfectly flat. Fortunately for us, the majority of touchups and crystal shaping are done quickly and cheaply by people not taking the time to make them perfect. The face edges will be perfectly straight on an un-retouched face. Additionally, where the faces (sides included) touch each other, it will feel sharp, as natural crystal structure grows along the molecular structure which is as perfect as it gets. If the edge where the faces touch each other feels rounded or smooth, the crystal has likely been retouched, cut, and/or polished. The reflection technique is often the best, easiest and most accurate method to determine alterations.

    The problem I have is… folks charge more for the altered crystals and often falsely call them natural. While the crystal itself is natural, and has the elements in it to produce a natural effect, they have been altered and should be listed as such. All crystals that have been enhanced by heating, gamma, cutting, touch up, polishing, shaping, re-growing, and dying should never be called natural. I strongly feel, we as a crystal community, should reject purchasing and let proprietors know we will not buy anything altered that is labeled “natural.” We should praise and support proprietors who are willing to label altered items as “enhanced.” Natural crystals should be 100% Mother created and not altered in any way by any human.

    The other problem I have is pure fakery. Some Obsidian is a good example. People give obsidian some really fancy names. Recently on ebay, “Electric Rainbow Green Obsidian Volcanic Glass Large $190.00.” The only part of this title and description is Glass and Green. Folks are selling man made glass as Obsidian. Yes Obsidian is a type of glass, but it’s naturally made by volcanos and Mother. To call man made glass anything other than GLASS is pure fakery. To call glass “Obsidian” is pure fakery. Glass and Obsidian are two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THINGS!!!!!… and never the two shall meet. This person is using trickery. He/she can honestly say that the posting clearly states the item is GLASS, but he/she also states that it is Obsidian, which it is clearly not if it is GLASS. Nuff said. If you wanna pay $190 for green glass, go for it, but you will only be perpetuating the issue. BTW, 1000 years from now we will start seeing ads looking like this; “I have some Pure Brilliant White Obsidian Johnnystone. It’s 100% pure and natural Johnnystone that has been beautifully carved into the shape of a toilet by Atlantian artisans. 40 lbs for only $20,000!!! Hurry, only a few left!”

    We have a crystal store in town that has a massive, beautiful, three crystal quartz cluster for sale at $20,000. They have a label that says, “Natural Clear Quartz Cluster… Unpolished and Uncut… Source: Minas Gerais, Brazil… $20,000.” Upon examination, this cluster has at least one or more face, on each crystal, retouched and possibly recut (likely to remove chips and maybe even to restore a broken point). Each altered face was also polished after being “worked” on. Their “unpolished and uncut” statement is a complete lie. They also sell “Blue Obsidian” that is undoubtedly nothing more than glass (it even has lots of bubbles in it). I will not patronize their establishment except to purchase fakes and altered material in which to teach others about some seller’s dishonesty. Buyer beware!

    Sorry for the long post, but basically I would like to see the crystal community call out the sellers on their bluff by not purchasing from them as well as letting them know why they are not purchasing from them. We need to require/force sellers to list items as altered, enhanced, or imitation/faux (a nice word for fake). We need to call sellers out on their misrepresentation and misuse of “natural.” Maybe, someone should start a blog where folks can list the sellers who are dishonest in their naming or listings of specimens, or better yet, a place to list HONEST sellers who aren’t afraid to list; an enhanced citrine, a touched up crystal, a shaped quartz, a dyed crystal, a re-grown crystal, a manmade crystal, or faux crystal for what it really is. The fakers need to go bankrupt and the honest need to be supported.

      • Thank you Anthony.

        I have never posted to a metaphysical site, but your site is different. It has a lot of good and accurate information and you explain things a bit better than other sites. I particularly like the bogs on fakes and altered crystals, but the rest of the site is awesome as well.

        Reading my own post I can see the writing mistakes and grammar errors. I guess that’s what comes from stuff coming out of my head faster than I can type. I tend to forget where I am in the text and my mind is miles ahead.

        I have a tiny business selling crystals (mostly quartz). Actually I have probably given more away then I have sold, but I try to bring crystals and their people together. Most of my crystals are completely natural, some I have harvested myself, and a few are purchased with the intent to find their people companions.

        We also dig and sell Payson diamonds which are very similar to the Herkimer. The difference is that the Payson Diamonds come from an area where the ancient American medicine folks came to collect the crystals used in their medicine ceremonies. I have been privileged to experience some of the ceremonies performed in almost the same way to this day. The crystals are also different than most Herks, are that we pray before we collect. We only collect the ones that present themselves in our path just as the ancient ones collected. We also do not bust up the rocks in order to harvest them. We only collect on the surface or the ones buried in the dissolved limestone/dolomite. We like to have Mother release them from the host rock as this was also the way of the ancients.

        Over the years, I as well as other collectors/purchasers have fallen prey to the dishonest sellers. I have also discovered the way that the crystal metaphysical and science realms really belong together and should not be at war with each other. Science scoffs at the metaphysical because the metaphysical “science” cannot be proven with scientific methods. Metaphysical scoffs at science because they are too closed minded to accept “faith” or “it just works.” I try to teach people that the two should be married together. I try to teach the people who think the metaphysical is “magic” or “imagined” that there is a scientific explanation to the metaphysical world. I try to teach the people who think that science is void of the understanding of the metaphysical, that science has actually proven (in an unintentional way) the metaphysical is actually science at work. The two complement each other and should not fight each other. It kinda like; “You got your metaphysical on my science! No, you got your science in my metaphysical!”

        I try to show the metaphysical world that there is a science behind the way things they believe in actually work. I try to show the science world that the metaphysical actually works and their own science can back that up.

        So here is another tidbit on Smokey’s. The ones that are enhanced to black or almost black could be stronger than the light smokeys. This is because they would never have turned black if they did not have a lot of aluminum molecules. Of course, the light ones may also have a lot of aluminum but did not receive as much gamma rays from Mother. That is why many people take the light smokeys and irradiate them with gamma rays to make them darker for the vanity sales market where they can earn more $$$. Again, I only wish the people selling the enhanced smokeys and amethysts list them as being enhanced. My advice is to purchase not by color, but by the feeling/energy as some of the light ones may also have the high aluminum content that makes the metaphysical properties strong.

        BTW, the gamma ray enhancement is not done with high dose radiation so there is no fear of a radioactive stone. In fact, some of your petrified wood (and other specimens) have a much higher radioactivity. The smokeys and amethysts are exposed to gamma rays by means of a dog food irradiator device. Dog food is irradiated, by law, in order to destroy any bacteria or other bad things in the contents. No, most crystal miners/wholesalers don’t have their own dog food irradiation machines. They just “rent” the ones at dog food plants for use in between the dog food runs. They just put the crystals on the conveyor belt and slow it down. Bingo, darker smokeys. And no, smelling the crystals won’t likely give away the fact they went through a dog food irradiator.

        Maybe another time I will go over why Quartz is so special (probably the most important) in the metaphysical world and is thought to be the best overall crystal. I thoroughly believe it is. It is definitely the best for people just getting started in the realm of science/metaphysical. Gold is almost as special as quartz, but not for the reason that most people think. Both quartz and gold have some very special and unique properties that make them super amazing and powerful. Gold and quartz are often found put together by Mother for a reason. Sorta like chocolate and peanut butter, people and dogs, male and female,… science and metaphysical???

        Again, I apologize for the lengthy post. I will likely not post anymore for a while. Y'all can digest this stuff for a while.

        • Hi There!
          Thank you for this further information. There is never any need to apologize for lengthy posts! Those that truly seek knowledge will seek the time to do so and very much appreciate what you have taken the time to write. I created these comment fields all over the site so people can share, so thank you for taking the time to share!

          I’m right there with you on the Metaphysical and scientific communities can and should co-exist and compliment each other. As I have mentioned somewhere in a previous article somewhere on this site – Orthodox medicine has straight up saved my life 3 times now! An example could be, if I broke my leg, I would like it set by a surgeon, and then I would seek metaphysical help like crystals, reiki, homeopathic type of work to accelerate the healing. I have performed pre-surgical work with great effect as well using crystal layouts.

          I know that these comment fields do not have spell check in the editing boxes, so I will look for a plugin that does as soon as I get some time.

          Thanks again!

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