The Misrepresentation of Crystals – Part 2

A person recently got in touch with us and asked if the Tibetan Quartz she had recently acquired from an Ebay merchant was legit – especially the color?
It turns out that no, it was not. It had clearly been dyed a somewhat unlikely green color! Further investigations revealed this Ebay seller had other “Natural” quartz clusters for sale – well the quartz clusters them selves are natural, but the colors? I promptly grabbed some photos, and have posted them with comments below.

OK, check out where I have placed the black circles – these are broken points, yet are covered in the green color! If these were truly natural you would see a ring of the inclusion that caused the color and then the crystals natural color, in this case I suspect it would be clear Milky Quartz – coincidentally the best color of quartz to take on a dye! These Crystals were reportedly from Tibet.

ebay-fake-l ebay-fake-2

The shame of it is, they look like really nice clusters in their own right! The style is very similar to Spirit Quartz from Africa. Though the terminations are a little different. My guess is they are from a location in China. I personally would LOVE to see some in their natural color – they would be stunning! Here are two more example photos below. The second ones dye job looks like a real dogs breakfast – one the dog rejected!!!

s-l500-1 s-l1600

OK, the title of the auctions for the two crystals below said they were rare and yes, natural. Again, coincidentally – they look like the exact same family with different colored shades of dye! Again, my feelings are I would LOVE to see these clusters in unmolested form! That being the case, I would be proud to be able to offer the fully natural versions of these clusters on Majestic Quartz!

s-l500-3 s-l500-2

Here is a “Rare Yellow Quartz. They managed to resist calling it Citrine Quartz, but still try to make out that it is natural! This is the title of the auction below…..



It looks like the same seller has been trying their hand in the kitchen as well! Reportedly a “Natural Smoky Quartz Crystal from Tibet”. This is almost certainly baked “irradiated” with the oven set to “extreme high”!!! The general rule of thumb for smoky is – if it is extremely black and totally opaque, there is a very high chance it has been “baked”. There are a few exceptions to that rule, but they are very few indeed.

Irradiated Smoky Quartz (baked)

Irradiated Smoky Quartz (baked)

I will bring this blog post to a end now, however if you have any questions for us, or if you are suspicious something is fake, by all means send us a link or place a photo in the comments down below and we will do our best to give you a straight answer.

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58 thoughts on “The Misrepresentation of Crystals – Part 2

  1. Tine H. Jorgensen


    I bought this Chinese Phantom Quartz Sphere, from an Italian seller, through an auction site.It was sold as a Quartz Sphere, but I am in doubt about whether it has been artificially produced (is manmade), and whether the Quartz is in fact glass. I might try and get it assessed by a jeweller, but I don’t live in a large city, and am in doubt that anyone here, will be able to assess it. Therefore I am writing to you. 
    However – I cannot see, where I attach the photos? Perhaps that is possible further on in the process?

    Thank you in advance.


    Tine H. Jorgensen


  2. Hello! Great article! This has helped me confirm some suspicions about a green quartz I just purchased from a local rock shop. Would you be able to help me identify it?

  3. Hello! Great article! This has helped me confirm some suspicions about a green quartz I just purchased from a local rock shop. Would you be able to help me identify it? The second photo are some of the other crystals I purchased from them. 

    • Hi Elise, Thank You for your posts. Starting from the bottom. That is a Titanium coated Quartz cluster, the coating is a human applied thing. The green one is a lab grown quartz. Then there is a green calcite. The Citrine is actually baked amethyst. The blue one looks to be a very nice blue calcite. the one at the far top is a Selenite desert rose – also very nice! Thank You for posting the photo!

  4. Thank you Anthony, your information are so helpful ! I recently got one clear quartz from online shop, the owner said it is from Brazil but after I have got it, I think it maybe man made (Growth from seed)

    The front

    The base is particularly unnatural

    I think it is hard to find natural quartz cluster now ? Thank you for taking to read and reply !


    • Hi Anna,
      Good news – that is indeed natural Quartz.
      The base is cut that way as quartz is sol;d by weight, so they cut the matrix rock off to make it more attractive to buyers, otherwise it would be very expensive.
      My apologies for my late reply, I was in the process of moving back to New Zealand from the USA.

  5. Hi Anthony

    So glad to find this site. You’ve already confirmed my question about my “Natural Green Tibetan Crystal Quartz Custer”. While beautiful to look at, I am sad it’s a lab grown dyed beauty. My other ebay purchase in question are a couple of “Natural Citrine” wands. The color makes me wonder about being dyed or possibly smelt? I know there is yellow quartz and lemony citrine, so I’m kinda stumped with these? Any input? Thanks! By the way, great, much needed site.

  6. What a GREAT blog !!! I’ve been buying crystals from China on Ebay recently and have bumped into all sorts of problems. Yesterday’s disappointment was yellow calcite – it looked Corvette or Canary yellow in the pictures, but in person was “dirty back road” yellow-if-you-use-your-imagination tan. Photoshop and lighting. In fact, 1/2 of my purchases have been disappointing from photoshop upgrades. The worst burn was a cluster of chlorite-inclused crystals that had been cemented together with a white, sparkly cement. I did get a full refund on that and a quartz point that had the entire top re-ground from a broken point.

    Keep up the good work! Truth will out!
    Don Lawler

    • Thank You for your very informative post Don, I would be happy to post photos for you into it. Just email me either the photos themselves, or links to them and I will get it done! The email address to use is
      I’m not sure many people realize that ebay merchants are obligated to pay return postage and refund goods purchased through the site. I think it is the only way their acts will be cleaned up if it becomes uneconomic to carry on the deceptions.

    • Yes, they are a naturally occurring crystal. These ones have been polished, that is to say they mined them, then polished the sides and the terminations as the original surface was likely crusty – thus hiding the very nice inclusions inside.

    • Hi Ilana, yes, lab grown quartz with fake color I’m afraid.
      You can try and retract, and cancel the order. If it has shipped, send it back. Ebay stipulates the seller must pay your shipping charges.

    • Hi David, thank you for your post. The good news is, that Fluorite is real, it is not a fake. The not so good news is that A LOT of ebay sellers oil their specimens to make them shiny and bright. They then remove the oil before mailing it to the customer. This is a very common practice on ebay. Another common one is the sellers turn up the color on photo shop to make the specimens look more colorful than what they are. They often put messages on their auctions that that the color maybe different due to different monitors, graphic cards etc. What it really is, is a straight out excuse for them to crank up the colors in photoshop and get away with it.

  7. Hi again Anthony,
    I am feeling quite inspired by your help in assessing the authenticity of various items sold on ebay, and would like to help other potential buyers from being deceived by dubious sellers.
    Could you please check those two for me? Both sellers have been accused of forgery by previous customers.

    And here is another one with a striking color combination – is it natural?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Dominique,
      Thank you for your posting.
      OK, this quartz below is lab grown and the color is fake, as are all variations of this materiel and colors.

      This mineral below is actually natural. The yellow material is Barite, not Calcite as they say in their description. However, as mentioned this crystal is completely natural. They have the torch out for the photo again, but that is fine as it shows amazing Fluorite colors. On my sales site at, I always specify what photos have back-lit style photos so people are informed.

    • Hi Dominique, yes it is naturally colored – BUT, what they do not explain is that half the photos are taken with a strong torch light running through it, hence the almost too good to be true look to it.

      Photo with Torch Light

      Torch Light Shining Through

      Photo with no torch light

      Photo With No Torch Light.

  8. Hi,

    Thanks for a very informative blog.
    I have just started bidding on crystals on eBay, and reading your article “The Misrepresentation of Crystals – Part 2” made me wonder whether some of the beautiful stones I am attracted to have been dyed.
    Here are some examples:
    Can you please help me?

    Thanks a lot, and a very Happy New Year to you!

    • Hi Dominique,
      Thank You for your question.
      The crystals you linked too and are in the photos in your post are not a naturaly colored. They have been coated with a chemical substance to give the unnatural pink and green colors.
      As a rule anything sold with terms such as “Aura Quartz Crystal Titanium Bismuth” “titanium Aura”, “Aqua Aura” and so on are treated crystals. These sellers have a very loose interpretation on what constitutes as being “natural”. These crystals start off as being natural, and are then treated with all sorts of metallic coatings, and to the sellers minds, it is still fine to call these crystals “natural”.

  9. Good evening. I am a collector of Quartz and recently fell victim to the Quartz coming out of China that is getting better and better at looking 'Natural' (Not that I have a problem with China and her people by any means). If it's too good to be true, it may well sadly be the case. I recently purchased this item. It appears genuine to me out of many that are not. I would appreciate your thoughts. Excellent site by the way.






    • Hi ant, Thank You for your input. I have added in a photo from the Auction you referenced before it disappeared. OK, this one has me scratching my head a bit. The crystal is exactly the color and shape coming out of Zambia at the moment, so I think the crystal is real. The inclusion though is different. They never actually show a decent photo of the inclusion for me to get any certainty about it. At this point, I’m leaning towards this crystal actually being completely natural. I’m thinking possibly a mixture of Hematite and Green Chlorite as the inclusions. Actually looks pretty legit to me 🙂

      • Thanks for such a swift reply and for you input – great knowledge my friend. Yes – my gut feeling is that it's kosher. Interesting you mention Zambia as the seller states that it comes from madagascar – which is interesting.


        Best regards

  10. Hello, 

    I recently bought a piece of Tibetan green quartz and although they claimed it’s natural I have my suspicions. Is there naturally occurring green quartz. Also wanted to show you a few pieces I’ve been looking at on eBay.


    thank you for taking the time to educate people. It’s a shame that people are so dishonest. 



  11. Hi there. I am looking at the tangerine quartz regularly for sale on eBay nowadays. It looks fake, and they do not actually call it tangerine quartz, but yet that's what they are implying it is when they sell a "natural" orange quartz.  I am not sure why the sellers from China so often slather their crystals with oil to photograph them. Seems like a bad idea all around.
    Click HERE to view crystals mentioned above on ebay.

    • Hi Sally, thank you for taking the time to comment. OK, those are actually tangerine crystals, however, it is highly unlikely that they are lemurian seed!
      Many crystals, including these tangerines often have a white powdery coating, or are a bit crusty. The oil makes that disappear! The sneaky sellers also use oil to disguise that a so called polished item, is not really polished at all. Many of these sellers buy unfinished polished items from the carving polishing workshops as faulty seconds at a cheap price, then oil them up and market them as finished items!!!

  12. Hello,

    A friend just gave me a purple, well called aura lemurian seed crystal. We are glued about this. I know, I am correct, these do not come on purple, right? They have been dyed, Right? I want to clarify that with her. They come in clear, red, yellow, is that correct? Thanks, I just want to let her know that the crystal is very pretty and light and shiny, but has been dyed.


    kim Weatherford 

    • Hi Kim,
      Lemurian seed crystals can very, very rarely form in Amethyst, not a super deep rich Amehtysty, just a light shade. I cannot stress how rare they are, most people would not even know they exist and they are extremely expensive.
      Feel free to send a photo to my email address at anthony@crystal-information for a more definitive answer.

  13. Hello crystal information! 

    Recently, i got 2 stones similar to your post… 

    Well we call it kecubung teh ijo… 

    Well surfing in internet found our great post similar to my stone.. Please help me to check this.. Whether these are dyed or natural… 

    According to your article.. I think i suspect one of them is dyed but one i cudn't figure it out.. 

    Please help me and you can share this photo here for a third part.. Heheh… Thanks a lot and looking forward to hear from u soon.

    I cant attach my pics here.. Please gimme a gmail id… So that i can send you the pics.

    Best regards


    From: indonesia


    • Wow Matt, You have found a real humm dinger there! Unfortunately for me it asks more questions than answers! I readily admit this one has me stumped! The color looks so much like the baked Amethyst passed off as Citrine. The form is just "wrong". My best guess is they took quite a large natural quartz crystal and then grew the little ones all over it in some sort of lab. The reason I say that is clearly the bottom of the “donor” crystal has been cut, yet the little yellow crystals have “grown” underneath the original cut!!! There is an outside chance it is natural, but my feeling is for sure it is tampered with. I have been reading up on synthetic quartz grown in labs and it is a fascinating subject! I'm planning a blog post in the near-ish future covering what I have learned  so far regarding the subject. In the mean time I have saved a photo from the listing you mention and put it in below so others can scratch there heads long after the listing has gone from ebay!

      • Hi Anthony!


        I've recently become very interested in purchasing crystals for the first time in my life to help enhance my meditations and increase my consciousness abilities. I'm one who has naturally been able to astral project and see my past lives since a very young age – however today at 32 years of age, I'm finding that my abilities are dwindling down and quickly. I'm unsure what the cause is, and I've had a million theories but no real answers. Normally "hard times" in life have not stopped me from being able to have out of body experiences and contact with the higher realms as well as spirit guides. I feel like a blind bat and am looking to whatever necessary to re-awaken my third eye that I've always been almost spoiled to have high access to, until now.

        Anywho, I am looking to purchase "THE REAL DEAL" when it comes to lemurians. But it seems like there's so much mixed information on them. Would you possibly be willing to take a peak at a crystal I bought, and tell me if its authentic? I'm also very interested in a particular Ebay store that claims to be directly out of Brazil selling nothing but enormously sized Lemurians. I see the "ribbing" effect, but unsure if that's real proof.



        • Hi Angela,
          Thank you for your words. Modern life sure does throw up an ever increasing array of “roadblocks” and noise to prevent us from accessing the higher realms. Yes, crystals can be a great way to reconnect and break through the barriers back to the true self and ones full abilities. For me it has been important to realize that the higher realms are s till there beyond the noise. Reconnecting by getting to nature and just “be” is also a great way to reconnect.

          I will look at and comment on the link provided in your next post.

          Thank You and brightest blessings to you and yours!

  14. Hi Anthony,

    I am wondering about the authenticity of Lemurian Seed Crystals that are being offered on EBay right now.  Some list that they are from Brazil and others don't say.  How does one safeguard themselves when purchasing one of these types of crystals?  Should there be a certificate proving their source, or some other documentation to request when considering making a purchase?  How does one spot a reputable seller?


    Patty Lynn

    • Hi Patty,

      Thank you so much for your post. I just checked E-bay for Lemurian Seed crystals now, and there are very few that I personally would consider to be true Lemurian Seed. Lemurian Seed crystals are not country/location specific, they have been found in several different locations and countries. I talked about the subject of Lemurian identification in another post found at the following link… and here is the link to our Lemurian Seed information page listing the traits to look for and example photos at the following link….

      I hear you regarding the need to safeguard yourself while shopping on E-bay to make sure you get "The Real Deal". The best you can do is study the photos and make sure they match the criteria, and if you need to ask for more photos, do so. As English is not the first language of many sellers, you may have to get creative to let them know what angle you would like them to photograph. In fairness, I'm guessing a lot of Ebay sellers do not realize they are not representing the crystals correctly. With this in mind – I feel the best approach is to research the crystals you are interested in then use your discernment and a healthy dollop of intuition. Possibly a technique that may work for you is tuning into the crystal through the photo. Quartz crystals are used in radios to tune into different radio stations (frequencies), by stilling yourself, you can gaze at a photo and tune into the crystals frequency.

      I have been buying and selling crystals for over 20 years now, and one of the things I have learned is that when it comes to tracking down the exact location a crystal comes from, you really need to be talking to the person who mined it. Once the crystal starts going through other crystal dealers/suppliers hands the facts tend to get swallowed up as if in sifting sands of a desert! If a crystal comes from only one location in the world, then certificates of authenticity can be a valid option – with the associated price scale. If multiple locations are involved – for me at least, all bets are off!

      The trademarked "Super Seven" franchise is an interesting case study. They are beautiful and interesting crystals, and one can get a certificate of authenticity for them. However, just a stone throw away (literally!) is another mine that produces crystals that look exactly the same, but are not trademarked and the prices are in the realms of sanity. I choose to buy from the latter – though I do not present them on my sales website ( as Super Sevens, I let people use their discernment and intuition to see if the crystal in question is the right one for them. Because at the end of the day, that is what is most important. We humans can give crystals any name we like, that in itself will have little effect on that particular crystals gifts. The key thing is – will that individual crystal co-create with the individual you? It is extremely likely that it will. Attraction is mutual – if you are attracted to the crystal, you are almost certainly seeing that attraction being reflected back towards you. 

      • Thanks Anthony,

        I like what you say here about the draw of the crystal to the individual and vice versa.  That's usually how I choose my crystals when I'm there in front of them.  I am getting more cautious now as I'm beginning to make larger investments to purchase more valuable crystals, and going online to do so.  I don't want to spend $500 on something that is a fake.  I need to be more informed, which is what I am attempting to do in finding websites such as this one that helps to guide the buyer.  I think it's wonderful that you share this type of information with your readers, and I've loved learning about the different types of crystal formations, what they are used for, and how to work with them.  Maybe there should be a book published on this subject by someone who's very knowledgeable about this subject.  I would certainly be interested in reading it.  I did check out your links to your other pages.  Thanks for taking the time to reply, and so thoroughly.  I loved reading it.

        Patty Lynn

        • Hi Patty,

          I can well understand your desire to make informed crystal purchases.

          Totally agree a book focused on accurate crystal identification would be a great thing. Though I author websites, I myself still prefer a book and paper in my hands! Though it is not a book, I have added a print button to the bottom of the crystal information pages and it formats it nicely to print black text and at the tick of a box you can choose to print the photos as well – or not.

          Thank You for your kind comments and we are pleased you have found Crystal Information useful.

  15. Thank you VERY much for posting this.  I almost bought some pieces off ebay.  I knew that they were too good to be true (… and with free shipping from China).  I Googled "Tibetan Quartz dyed" and found this post.  Good job.  You may consider posting about people reshaping and polishing broken crystals to upgrade them – as part 3. 

  16. Glad to see this article. I bought my first three or four quartz crystal points on EBay also. I lucked out maybe as it was going back a few short years now. There are only a couple of dealers I have dealt with that use EBay, but since hearing stories have only shopped in their own stores since and again have not been burned. But so much on EBay now is a farce.

    You really have to know your crystals, and even then can't tell if they have messed with them. The new place to watch now also is Etsy. Many private stores on it are selling all sorts of quartz, crystal and more…I have fun looking but find I am constantly questioning the low to high differences in pricing for same product, and often such high prices for such small product. I guess it's the same all over the internet with people wanting to make a buck. I was lucky, I was shall we say 'raised' with one crystal dealer in Arkansas who not only wrote a book on the Crystal People, but her goal is to give her friends a good
    home. She doesn't sell them, she calls them adopted out. She leaves them on the store site with ADOPTED under the pictures. She feels blessed to be able to act as intermediary to match up families. That's how I feel about my crystal friends. They are sentient beings, very aware …and should be treated with the utmost respect.

    To hear they put them in ovens and dye them makes me sick actually. Thank you for your own site of information and store to shop in a beautiful and peaceful place while you attempt to 'connect' with a picture of what may be your new friend coming to move in with you. Bless all the crystal people, and bless those of us who really care about them. They are a great gift from the Earth and should be treated with love.

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