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Spirit Quartz Properties and Meaning

Spirit Quartz are from  Magaliesberg Mountain region, South Africa. They form in Amethyst, Citrine and Clear White flavors of quartz. They have a distinct formation of a central core crystal covered with smaller sparkling crystals.  Read more information further below.

General Spirit Quartz Information

For what and How Does One Use it?

These very high vibrational crystals have a focus on community, family and may be used for crystal protection purposes. The masses of smaller crystals surrounding the central figure can represent communities based in close proximity, or humanity living on our Earth Mother – to all living things on Earth.

While meditating with Spirit Quartz, one may focus on group/community based healing, by sending the sparkling joyous energy outwards for everyone to enjoy! It is a fantastic crystal to use in group situations – where a bright positive solution needs to be found for the benefit of all concerned.

Spirit Quartz crystals have strong protective qualities, the central core wears a sparkling suit of armor of smaller crystals. Spirit Quartz is always ready to offer it’s protective qualities to help any co-creating human that chooses to ask for crystal protection.

One of the exciting things about Spirit Quartz (and they have many exciting attributes!”) is the various individual and combination of flavors they form in. No two Spirit Quartz crystals are alike! So even though these crystals have a very community based focus, they celebrate the individual, and the right of the individual to express themselves in their own unique way. With this in mind Spirit Quartz crystals give a boost to ones self esteem, and certainty of ones position in the universe.

These crystals form in Amethyst, Citrine Quartz, and Clear Quartz – and often in combinations of all the  flavors! Spirit Quartz brings a bright joyous fun filled cooperative energy to all these different quartz types.


Spirit Quartz, sometimes referred to as Cactus Quartz – is still readily available. The photo galleries below show Spirit Quartz examples. These photos are harvested from the archives which contain more than 100,000 photos going back more than 15 years!


Spirit Quartz Properties and Meaning Page Video

Spirit Quartz Galleries


Spirit Quartz Properties and Meaning Example Photo 1

Spirit Quartz Example One


Spirit Quartz Properties and Meaning Example Photo 3

Spirit Quartz Example Three


Spirit Quartz Properties and Meaning Example Photo 5

Spirit Quartz Example Five


Spirit Quartz Properties and Meaning Example Photo 7

Spirit Quartz Example Seven


Spirit Quartz Properties and Meaning Example Photo 2

Spirit Quartz Example Two


Spirit Quartz Properties and Meaning Example Photo 4

Spirit Quartz Example Four


Spirit Quartz Properties and Meaning Example Photo 6

Spirit Quartz Example Six


Spirit Quartz Properties and Meaning Example Photo 8

Spirit Quartz Example Eight

Click on the Spirit Quartz photos for a high resolution image!

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