Cascading Quartz

Cascading Quartz Properties and Meaning Cascading Quartz Crystals is also known as Candlestick Quartz and Pineapple Quartz. They are crystals that have an appearance of many triangular crystal forms running down the side of the crystal! Read more about Cascading Quartz  with photos below. General Cascading Quartz Crystal Healing Information ... Read More

Etched Quartz

Etched Quartz Properties And Meaning These crystals have etched surfaces. Etching can form in most varieties of Quartz. The etching is caused by water during the crystals growth cycle, or by mineral inclusions since dissolved away. Read more information and view Etched Quartz photos below. General Etched Quartz Information For ... Read More

Himalayan Quartz

Himalayan Quartz Properties and Meaning Himalayan Quartz Crystals have a beautiful pure energy and vibration. These crystals form in clear, smoky colors. They come from many locations over these amazing mountains. Read more about Himalayan Quartz healing properties information and view the photo galleries below. General Himalayan Quartz Crystal Healing ... Read More

Record Keeper

Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Record Keeper Crystals have triangles etched on the faces of the termination. Usually they are Quartz, but occasionally they can appear on other crystals such as Ruby and Kunzite. Read more about Smoky Quartz crystal healing properties below. Intuitive Healing – Spiritual Trigger Words & ... Read More

Self Healed Quartz

Self Healed Quartz Crystal Properties and Meaning Self Healed Quartz crystals are crystals that have been damaged and repaired themselves. The different types include – Self Healed Bases, Self Healed Termination faces, and Earthquake Self Healed Crystals. View more information with plenty of photos below. General Self Healed Quartz Information ... Read More

Skeletal Quartz

Skeletal Quartz Properties and Meaning These crystals build up layer upon layer giving them a skeletal like effect. The king of the Skeletal families would have to be the Elestial! Read more information and view photos showing Skeletal Quartz below, complete with high resolution images. General Skeletal Quartz Information For ... Read More
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