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New Zealand Quartz Properties and Meaning

New Zealand Quartz Crystals are most often milky quartz with some Clear Quartz specimens available as well. It mostly is found in the Coromandel region of the North Island, though there are some impressive South Island locations as well.

General New Zealand Quartz Crystal Healing Information

As most of the Crystal Information team are located in New Zealand, this quartz variety is very close to our hearts and we can speak with a modicum of authority on the subject! Recently any and all New Zealand Quartz being found has been “re-branded” as being Sauralite™. We have written a blog post regarding the practice of trademarking and our thoughts and views can be read in more detail by clicking HERE.

For what and How Does One Use it?

New Zealand Quartz crystals have a very vibrant, youthful exuberant energy. They are positively bursting with “get up and go” energy. They are like the babies/children of the Quartz World. Like children, there is an unspoiled purity about them, so meditating with these special crystals brings purity of spirit, soul and mind. Though they have these base properties – like us humans, each example is very different to another. When working with New Zealand Quartz, it is wise to have an open mind, an open heart and let your intuition be your guide!

Most New Zealand Quartz crystals form on a Milky Quartz matrix. The base of the individual crystals are also predominantly milky before often progressing through to clear terminations. These crystals are packed with fresh new information applicable to the new age we live in. The information stored in the milky data bank is then projected and transmitted by the clear terminations. They carry a message of hope, faith and a knowing that humanity can recover from the out of control abuse of nature, resources and each other.

New Zealand Quartz makes for an incredible elixir. It helps to purify and charge any water it is added to. Taking the elixir  internally gives us greater access to the information inside. The elixir acts as a guide and interpreter for understanding the vast amount of information these crystals contain. Not only that, but also guide us in how to utilize and use this new information in our lives for the betterment of ourselves and others.



New Zealand Quartz Properties and Meaning Video Page


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New Zealand Quartz Properties and Meaning

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New Zealand Quartz Properties and Meaning

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New Zealand Quartz Properties and Meaning

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New Zealand Quartz Properties and Meaning

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