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Chrysocolla Properties and Meaning

Chrysocolla is a beautiful vibrant stone. Colors range from soft to vibrant green and blue. It usually comes as cut and polished items; however mineral specimens can be obtained. Read more about Chrysocolla crystal healing properties below, with beautiful photo galleries!

Chrysocolla Fast Facts

Chrysocolla Physical Properties

Physical Makeup
Variety Of
Hydrated Copper Silicate
Common Locations
Colors & Variations
Green, Blue, Can Have Some Spots of Red
Alternative Names
Index of Refraction
Vitreous and Waxy
Specific Gravity
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Chrysocolla Healing Properties and Meaning

Chakra Associations
Heart, Throat
Subtle Bodies
Zodiac Sign
Planet Associations
Moon, Venus
Positions On Body
Throat, Heart, Third Eye
Musical Note
Emotional Influence
Spiritual Gifts
Goddess Energy
Diseases Treated
Arthritis, Ulcers
Nutrients Boosted
Copper, Molybdenum
Psychological Influence
Eases Stress, Hypertension and fear. Emotions Bought into Balance
Physical Body
Lungs, Digestion, Thyroid, Blood

Intuitive Healing – Spiritual Trigger Words & Phrases For Chrysocolla

Here at, We like to fully encourage people to use their intuition when it comes to crystals! We believe that every individual is unique, so too is every crystal, thus a unique experience will always occur! Read More
No Fear
Soothing, Calming
Heightened Consciousness
Spiritual Alignment

Chrysocolla Crystal Healing & Properties Information

For what and How Does One Use it?

Chrysocolla cleanses the subconscious mind, allowing for better enabling of change to take place. It has a strong feminine influence, although can be used by both women and men to utilize this gift.
Chrysocolla is very good to hold in the hand when experiencing stress or anxiety. Do you have trouble articulating your words, or with public speaking? Then Chrysocolla is the stone for you. Either have it handy in your pocket or on your person and you will greatly benefit and speak with assured confidence and clarity!

Associated Family Members

Malachite, Azurite. Azurite Malachite


Chrysocolla is an excellent stone to have in one’s kit bag, as it brings about calmness, communication and spiritual alignment. It is great for public speaking, teaching spiritual concepts, and simply communicating in general.


Chrysocolla Crystal Galleries and High Resolution Photo


Chrysocolla Properties and Meaning

Chrysocolla Mineral Specimen


Chrysocolla Properties and Meaning

Chrysocolla Polished Free form


Chrysocolla Properties and Meaning

Chrysocolla Wand


Chrysocolla Properties and Meaning

Chrysocolla Polished Egg

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