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What is Non Beneficial Memory in Water?

By Charlotte James

Water has the ability to contain memory, one drop of water has the ability to store many bytes of data like a mini hard drive of information. Just one drop of water is like having a data base filled with recorded memory of our life events,  emotions and also the earth’s history.

It is well documented throughout history that humans have not been the kindest towards each other or other species for that matter. They have performed all sorts of cruel and unkind acts towards one another.

What has this got to do with water you ask?

Well, humans are “Water Beings”. Over 60 percent of our bodies are water. The Blood is 92 percent water, The brain and muscles are 75 percent water, and bones are about 22 percent water. All that water contains the memories of all the past and present day (sins) done upon one another and the Earth. Every war, manner of abuse and unkind words spoken are all captured in the recordings of the water within our body.

How is this Possible?

Think about this – The food we eat is grown in soil nourished by water, everything water touches or is absorbed into has these stored non beneficial memories. These non beneficial memories therefore taint the food we eat, the water we drink, the plants around us. Lets not forget we ourselves are water beings.

If rain comes down on land that has had war on it, it will record that imprinted energy of the war, because energy is imprinted upon matter. That recording is then stored within that droplet of water throughout its entire journey of the water cycle. Once this water has been ingested, the imprinted energy of war creates a density of the vessel (human body). Until these non beneficial memories are removed, one will keep accumulating more and more. As the water travels through its cycle, it is cleansed of impurities and energized, however the non beneficial memories will still remain!!!  It is not enough to clean and energize water but it needs to have the non beneficial Memories removed and this can only be done through conscious intent.

This is why the following steps are critical in order to “Lighten the Vessel” (human body).

How to Remove “Non Beneficial Thought Forms out of Water “

While water is fairly easily cleansed and energized for our consumption, removing Non Beneficial Memory requires conscious intent. Using conscious intent to truly cleanse water is not just important for the water we drink, it is also absolutely crucial that one uses conscious intent to remove Non Beneficial Memories from the food we prepare, processed foods and any and all beverages.

These non – beneficial memories cause a density in the body, the more non – beneficial memory we carry in the body – the denser and heavier the body feels.

A Mindful Practice To Remove “Non Beneficial Thought Forms out of Food and Drink “

This is an exercise you can do to help clear non-beneficial memory out of the food and drink that is put into your body – ” focused intent” this needs to be done with very specific thoughts. This is the way I do it. In my minds eye I focus on the water – even if its an apple I’m working on. I still focus my conscious intent on the water in the apple. I than ask that the non – beneficial memories be removed from the apple. Some who are sensitive to energy will feel or have a sense that the energies are lightening. Once these are done I than invite the spirit of the water to come back into the food or drink. I invite the spirit of water back in because even though there is water in our food and drink the spirit of water cannot reside where greed and evil reside. Doing this it is like hitting reset – By-passing all the non-beneficial memory and gives your body a chance to experience a higher level of consciousness.

I know how complaisant people can get and for those that like the idea but think its too much work to do on a regular basis – there is a way to help you ease into it. With Focused intent you can set a program in place that will continue to run for you if you forget to remove the non-beneficial memory – simply set a program in place with conscious intent that says something like this- “All food and drink is instantly cleansed of non-beneficial memory when it comes into my aura field”. I’m not giving you this information to enable you – It must be used as a practice – this will work long enough for you to get disciplined enough to either learn to remove non-beneficial  thought forms out of the water or learn to set better more precise programs. This is not a fix all. You cannot really expect to take one bath and hope it to last you a life time! Its the same with this process.

There are other tools to use to help you with focused intent such as dowsing and using your crystals to set programs that the crystals can help to keep in place – but at the end of the day nothing is more effective than the power of your mind everything else is just a tool to help you get to where your wanting to go!!

I can not stress enough how important this piece of the equation is! The only water you want to be putting in your body is clean, energized water which has had all the “Non Beneficial Memories” removed.

Here is why I believe it to be so. It goes back to a story we are all familiar with and has been highly debated over – How Jesus walked upon water. Try to put the debate aside for now and be open to the information that is about to be shared. Make your own conclusions based on your intuition. Whether you believe in this story or not – the information within is worthy of consideration. First I will give a real simple explanation of what surface tension is, so you can see how it relates to the story.

Surface Tension of the Body

To energetically lighten a materialized Object/Matter – to shift the density of matter-( a solid object ) enough that it does not break the surface, but rather appears to float above the water.

What if?

Jesus knew about the non beneficial memory in the water and this is why he blessed his food and drink. By praying over his bounty, Jesus changed the energy of the food and beverages vibration to better raise his level of consciousness. He prayed in a manner that his “conscious intent” removed the non beneficial memory out of the water stored within the food and beverage.

The act of removing the non beneficial memory from his vessel ( human body ) lightened his being-ness. This significantly reduced the surface tension in his body – thus enabled him to be able to walk on water (That being the heavier non- beneficial – memory carrying water).

I myself have explored the idea of surface tension in the body and through blood work have been able to track my progress. I never made it to the point of walking on water – but I can say this, I do believe it is possible and was well on my way according to my blood lab reports.

This process is not for the faint of heart and one needs to practice on a “moment by moment” basis. A lot of self discipline is required – not only in your prayers but also your thoughts as your “thoughts are “energy” thus powerful attractors of manifestation.

It does not matter if those thoughts are beneficial or non beneficial – the power of energy is going to go in the direction your energy points it. This applies equally to if you are doing it with “conscious intent” or on a “subconscious level”.

This is why it is so important to keep monitoring your thoughts in order to weed out the chafe ( non-beneficial ) while actively refocusing on the thoughts you want to bring into manifestation.

Water cycles

Water is our most precious resource on this planet. Three-quarters of the Earth’s surface is covered with water – yet 98 percent of that is salt water and unfit for a living being to consume. Less than one percent of all the water on Earth is freshwater, such as rivers, lakes, aquifers etc that are suitable for consumption to sustain life. Water – like all things energy based – has cycles. We have only one source of water on this planet and it is continually being recycled. Here is a very basic nut shell version.  Water cycles in the following steps: It evaporates, creates clouds, clouds create rain, excess rain finds it way into deep crevasses and begins a journey of purification taking thousands of years to process. Going deep into the earth, filtering through layers of limestone rock and other materials which purify the waters  – than returns to the surface thousands of years later purified.  The act of returning to the surface energizes the waters- however there is one downfall to the process and that is – water stores memory “human thoughts, intention and actions” consciousness of what it has imprinted upon. If a drop of water falls to the ground – that drop of water than takes on the energy of where it has landed – so any events or past energies that where imprinted upon that area has now been recorded by the water.

I have also written an article titled “What is Energy?” and one may find this useful to better give the above information further context.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and all comments and questions placed below are welcome.


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