Apophyllite Properties and Meaning

Apophyllite Properties and Meaning – Apophyllite is a member of the Silicate family. It comes in shades of clear, white, and green, Apophyllite is found in several locations around the world, especially India. Read more about Apophyllite crystal healing properties and view photo galleries below!

Apophyllite Fast Facts

Apophyllite Physical Properties

Physical Makeup
Variety Of
Common Locations
4.5 – 5
Colors & Variations
Clear, White, Green, Pink, Yellow
Basal (one direction)
Alternative Names
Zeolite (But technically, not a member of that family!)
Index of Refraction
Specific Gravity
2.3 – 2.4
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Yes, Click Here to view available specimens

Apophyllite Healing Properties and Meaning

Chakra Associations
Subtle Bodies
Zodiac Sign:
Planet Association
Positions On Body
Musical Note
Emotional Influence
Spiritual Gifts
Raises Spiritual Potential, Connection to the Divine Light
Diseases Treated
Nutrients Boosted
Psychological Influence
Release Negativity, Brings Perspective
Physical Body
Lungs, Bladder, Colon

Intuitive Healing – Spiritual Trigger Words & Phrases For Apophyllite

Here at Crystal-Information.com, We like to fully encourage people to use their intuition when it comes to crystals! We believe that every individual is unique, so too is every crystal, thus a unique experience will always occur! Read More
Raise Potential
Cleansed Environment

Apophyllite Crystal Healing & Properties Information

For what and How Does One Use it?

Apophyllite is all about the light, bringing it into all your bodies, utilizing it to enhance every aspect of your life. It helps one release long held negativity, bringing in light to those previously dark spaces, providing healing and seeding new growth for the mind, spirit and soul. Although it runs at a very high vibration, it brings perspective and helps one stay centered.

Simply having this crystal in your presence, either as a single crystal on your person or a cluster in your environment, will bring lots and lots of light into your life. Apophyllite sings with the uplifting voice of the angelic realm. Meditate with this beautiful crystal and listen to the song the Angels are singing!


We can all do with more light in our lives and Apophyllite provides this in abundance! Be it on your person or gridding your house with it, the uplifting energy of Apophyllite is always a welcome and spiritually rewarding experience!


Apophyllite Crystal Galleries and High Resolution Photo


Apophyllite Properties and Meaning

Green Apophyllite Cluster


Apophyllite Properties and Meaning

Green Apophyllite Specimen


Apophyllite Properties and Meaning

Mirror Apophyllite Cluster


Apophyllite Properties and Meaning

Red Hematite Included Apophyllite Cluster

Click the Apophyllite Crystal below for a high resolution photo!

Apophyllite Crystal Specimen - Photograph by Anthony Bradford

Apophyllite Crystal Specimen - Photograph by Anthony Bradford

Apophyllite Crystal Specimen - Photograph by Anthony Bradford

Apophyllite Crystal Specimen - Photograph by Anthony Bradford

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11 thoughts on “Apophyllite

  1. Hello,

    I’m new to this site and to crystals as well… learning a little new bits as I go. Recently acquired a Clear Apophyllite stone and have been noticing inside down triangles all over it… wondering if there is any significance to this ? 

  2. AlainaApophyllite

    Apophyllite is one of my favorite crystals of all time. They seem to call to me, and I am honored to have a few lovely crystals I got from Mount Shasta, Ca. As one of the Chakra centers of Earth, I feel these crystals are particularly vibrational and powerful.  (Also the fact that they resemble the beloved mountain, is endearing as well!) 

     I have been working with one or more of these little gifts from Earth, I had previously had memory issues and that has been affecting my work as a Holistic Drs' receptionist.  As soon as I began carrying this crystal (in bra) as close to my 'crown' as possible, I've unmistakably noticed that my Memory had improved! My boss's attitude towards me has improved, and my feelings of failure/defeat have disipated! All in just One Day no less! 😀 I am very pleased,  and look forward to discovering more healing properties of this magical,  beautiful crystal. I adore it! 

  3. Might I ask what is the source of the photo for the mirror apophyllite cluster? I believe I am in possession of that precise specimen! My mother recently died and I've been going through her crystal collection trying to identify things. Was that crystal for sale at some point? 

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