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From time to time I take a break away from running Majestic Quartz and return to my roots by doing the odd crystal stall at a small market somewhere. This is where I usually see them – The all knowing crystal “expert” friend. These friends would take many guises and forms. I often noticed the advice offered would not actually help said friend in any meaningful way.

I’m going to list some of the different friend types below, so you gentle reader may come to recognize them – and thus be endowed with the information to make an informed decision for yourself! But before we go and cover these types of people, lets cover the single most important piece of knowledge you need to install within yourself – that being that every crystal is unique, as are you. Therefore your combined experience with any crystal will always be unique. If you feel an attraction to a crystal – and that is to say you just need to “like” it, then that crystal will work well with you! End of story, and beginning of a beautiful new friendship and adventure! So any “advice” from a friend, no matter how well meaning, is not always valid for you. That goes for both positive and negative “advice”. So in short – your feelings are always PRIME.

  1. The Self Appointed Crystal Expert Friend: This type of friend is happy you have discovered crystals and can not wait to show you how much they know, especially when it is what crystal is good for you! They will tell you exactly which crystal you need, and give a non approving shake of the head for which crystals will not suit you. Except in nearly every case, they are very likely wrong! In so many cases it was obvious to me these “experts” knew next to nothing and were on a pretty large ego trip. They got everything wrong from the type of crystal, it’s location and possible uses. They were much more interested in extolling their crystal knowledge prowess than anything else. Beware!
  2. The Projector Friend: This type of friend has had experiences with certain crystals before and is always keen to apply that experience over the top of your reality. They are convinced that their experience will be the exact some one you will have. This type of friend takes it upon themselves to “save” you from wasting your money on a crystal that did nothing for them.
  3. Jealous Friend: You may have better means of being able to make purchases than this friend, and they say “No” to crystals that secretly they would like.
  4. Religious Friend: This friend likes the look of crystals, but due to a religious dogma upbringing – sees crystals as “The Devils tools”! If you feel too, you could mention that crystal minerals need to be pure enough to crystallize in the first place, and that when crystals do form, they do so with geometric perfection. Purity and perfection are the domain of the almighty creator!
  5. Not Ready For That Friend: This is the friend that tells you that you are not ready for that crystal yet. This can be for reasons of elevating their own ego (I’m evolved enough to use this crystal and you are not) or the friend is actually not the one ready for that crystal and is projecting that upon you! It is important to note that even if that friend has years of experience with crystals and you may have mere days or weeks – that does not preclude you from being the one that is actually ready to use said crystal!
  6. Does Not Understand The Crystal Friend: This friend likes to think they know a lot about crystals, so when they see a newly discovered family of crystals that is not in their “data bank” automatically distrust the unknown and then project that mistrust upon you. Often crystals that have just been discovered recently are among the most critical crystals for the “Now”. They have come out now for a reason and are looking for the right person to work with – and that person can very likely be you!

Now granted, a lot of friends can be well meaning and not fall into any of the above categories. And lets face it, shopping for crystals with a friend is definitely a wonderful fun experience! Simply keep in mind the main directive – that being your feelings are prime when it comes to choosing crystals for yourself. If a friend disagrees with you, and tut tuts your decision – gently tell them that crystals, like humans are unique and that you feel your relationship with the unique crystal  in question will be a positive one. If the friend has a problem with this, take another friend crystal shopping next time – simple stuff πŸ™‚

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