Actinolite Properties and Meaning - example photo

Actinolite Properties and Meaning – Actinolite is a member of the amphibole silicate mineral family. It comes in many shades of green and forms in needle like crystal formations. It is found in several locations around the world. Read more information and view galleries below.

Actinolite Fast Facts

Physical Properties

Physical Makeup
Variety Of
Amphibole Silicate Mineral
Common Locations
Taiwan, Canada, Madagascar, Australia, U.S.A.
Monoclinic – Prismatic, H-M symbol (2/m), space group C2/m
Colors & Variations
Green, Black, Blue
Perfect Along {110}
Alternative Names
Index of Refraction
nα = 1.613–1.628, nβ = 1.627–1.644, nγ = 1.638–1.655
Vitreous to Dull
Specific Gravity
3.00 (+0.10, -0.05)
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Yes, Click HERE to view specimens for sale

Metaphysical Properties and Meaning

Chakra Associations
Subtle Bodies
Etheric, Mental
Zodiac Sign
Planet Association
Positions On Body
Musical Note
Emotional Influence
Positivity, Balance
Spiritual Gifts
Psychic Shielding
Diseases Treated
Immune System, Liver and Kidneys
Nutrients Boosted
Psychological Influence
Balance, Calmness
Physical Body
Liver, Kidneys, Detoxification

Intuitional Trigger Words & Phrases For Actinolite

Higher Awareness

General Actinolite Information

Actinolite brings focus to projects one has going on in, and helps a person stay on the path to achieve goals.

It acts as a anti-negativity shield to outside and inside influences. The shield factor also helps with electromagnetic fields.

This mineral helps a person feel more connected with “the all that is.” This is especially true for those that may find themselves operating in isolation on their own life path. It brings a person closer to their spirit guides and helps one realize they are never truly alone.

When found inside Included Quartz, Actinolite’s properties are greatly amplified.

Actinolite Crystal Galleries and High Resolution Photo


Actinolite Properties and Meaning - example photo

Actinolite Example Photo 1


Actinolite Properties and Meaning - example photo

Actinolite Example Photo 3


Actinolite Properties and Meaning - example photo

Actinolite Example Photo 2


Actinolite Properties and Meaning - example photo

Actinolite Example Photo 4

Click the Actinolite Crystal below for a high resolution photo!

Actinolite Crystal Specimen - Mineral Specimen

Actinolite Crystal Specimen - Mineral Specimen

Click the Actinolite Crystal below for a high resolution photo!

Actinolite Mineral Specimen

Actinolite Mineral Specimen

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9 thoughts on “Actinolite

  1. Extremely helpful. Thanks for this and for all your excellent work. I appreciate the integrity and honesty of your resource very much. It can be very difficult sometimes to find information which is detailed, un biased and trustworthy. Wonderful images too. Thanks again. 

    • Hi Tim, I do not personally have experience with cleaning this mineral and I would not like to take a “guess” in case it was to damage it. I recommend you go to the mindat site and ask the question on their forum. It has many, many members who of one or more can offer you solid advice on how to get the job done. Here is the link to their website below

  2. Hello.

    Thank you for a good article. I just bought an amazing Actinolite from Russia, and I've been looking for more information, but I have not been able to find it. As far as I can see, one can say that it is a Tremolite, but with more iron content, therefore the green color. Do you think its metaphysical properties are similar to each other?

    Thank you.

    All the best,
    Karolina, from Denmark.

  3. I bought a gorgeous stone a green actinolite. And I washed it because it had some dirt on it. So washed it with a brush and some pieces fell off. Then I started to do research in it and saw that it has aspestos. I'm terrified I might have put myself in danger of toxins. ..any advice. I did wash my hands after with soap 🙁

    • Hi There, You have done what was required by washing your hands. Asbestos, in particular the blue variety only really becomes dangerous when it is powdered dust form and gets in the lungs. This most often happens with old buildings that used that material back in the day.

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