Labradorite Properties and Meaning

Labradorite is a member of the fieldspar family. It comes in a veritable rainbow range of colors. The chatoyancy of this mineral is absolutely stunning! Read more about Labradorite crystal healing properties below, complete with galleries and a high resolution desktop background image!

Labradorite Fast Facts

Labradorite Physical Properties

Physical Makeup
CaNa(Al,Si)AlSi2O8, Calcium Sodium Aluminum Silicate
Variety Of
Common Locations
Madagascar, Canada, Finland (Spectrolite), India (Sunstone)
6 – 6.5
Triclinic; bar 1
Colors & Variations
Blue, Gold, Purple, Green
Perfect in one and good in another direction, forming nearly right angled prisms
Alternative Names
Spectrolite (Finland)
Index of Refraction
Dull to vitreous
Specific Gravity
2.70 – 2.74
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Labradorite Healing Properties and Meaning

Chakra Associations
Throat, Solar Plexus
Subtle Bodies
Emotional, Mental
Zodiac Sign
Planet Associations
Venus, Neptune
Positions On Body
Throat, Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Heart
Musical Note/s
A and E
Emotional Influence
Joy, Happiness, Soothing, Calming
Spiritual Gifts
Integration of Mind Body and Spirit
Diseases Treated
Nutrients Boosted
Psychological Influence
Positivity Boost, In Control
Physical Body
Cellular Level

Intuitive Healing – Spiritual Trigger Words & Phrases For Labradorite

Here at, We like to fully encourage people to use their intuition when it comes to crystals! We believe that every individual is unique, so too is every crystal, thus a unique experience will always occur! Read More
Peaceful Sleep
Higher Communication

Labradorite Crystal Healing & Properties Information

For what and How Does One Use it?

Labradorite is a joyous, happy creative stone. It helps integrate the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The energy is also soothing and calming, and is particularly useful to place under your pillow whilst sleeping.  It helps one rise in the morning well-rested and ready to take on the challenges of the new day! This stone really gets the creative juices flowing, thus is very good to meditate with before taking on artistic projects. Labradorite is a wonderful friend to help one through times of great transformation and change! It gives a direct line to the angelic realm, allowing connection with your enlightened angelic self.


Labradorite is truly a gift from the angels! The joyous energy is very infectious, catching one’s eye with its beautiful chatoyancy from right across any room!


Labradorite Healing Properties & Meaning Video


Other Chatoyant Feldspar – Labradorite family members


Spectrolite is from Finland and is the most colorful member of this amazing family!


Spectrolite From Finland!


Sunstone (Heliolite)

This beautiful member of the family mostly comes from India. It is not particularly easy to find!


Sunstone (Heliolite)

Labradorite Crystal Galleries and High Resolution Photo


Labradorite Properties and Meaning

Labradorite Freeform


Labradorite Properties and Meaning

Labradorite Heart


Labradorite Properties and Meaning

Labradorite Palmstone


Labradorite Properties and Meaning

Labradorite Freeform

Click the Labradorite Crystal below for a high resolution photo!

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9 thoughts on “Labradorite

  1. Hello πŸ™‚

    I ordered 2 Labradorite Oblisks a few weeks ago & they arrived today. I’m so happy with them , connect with them straight away like my 1st ever duo crystals I ever bought that is Rainbow Fluorite. But they have a very different aura & feeling on a personal note. Mine are not Polished it gives me a feeling of how the world sees me haha. Really amazing feelings.

    On this spiritual journey I am on I feel that crystals call us there there for the specific reason in our growth that we already can feel but they are there to ground us . Definitely help us through our lives.
    I was being unfairly treated by some family members getting a lot of bad energy & it was because of that fight did i randomly come across my 1st crystal & start this crystal family.

    Thank you πŸ™‚
    All the highest good vibesβš›οΈπŸ•‰οΈ

  2. I just had a Labradorite piece I have been wearing for 6 years just explode and break in half on my neck while I was wearing it. But piece fell off my chain. Someone suggested I was under psyhchic attack? Could this be? or was it just full and could not take any more energy? Have you ever seen this with a labradorite? I have heard of this with turquoise or other stones… 

    • Hi Erica, Both Charlotte and I have had a look into this, and neither of us have picked up any sort of psychic attack. Labradorite does not really lend itself to be used in this way either. Labradorite comes into our lives at times of great change – has the last 6 years had large life changing events? Sometimes when a stone has served it’s purpose, it will break away from the guardian in order for that person to move onto the next stage of their life. It is best practice to let the stone go by holding a ceremony of gratitude for the work it has done with you and then return it to the loving embrace of the Earth mother to continue on it’s own journey.

  3. While I was visiting family in Canada, I went to a Shaymin/ healer, because I was wanting to buy a Rainbow Obsidian. She was so charming, as was her husband. Luckily for me, John spoke both French and English, because Marie only spoke French.

    She asked for my thoughts or reasons were for seeking this particular stone. Puzzled, I had no idea I needed a reason…. or what I would need it for. I told her that my mother collected stones but we never discussed their healing purposes were, not even that they had them. I thought she just thought they were beautiful…. as do I.

     Long story later…Marie said that I needed to search for my heart and soul to find the real reason that I need this stone to help my soul& karma, and she had the stone I needed that would help me find out the REAL REASON My heart desires the Rainbow Obsidian. She said Labradorite will help me on my journey. She also suggested Lapis.

    One thing that puzzles me though, she very firm in saying do not use the internet, as in many different websites to research healing stones and crystals. Any ideas? I must add that Marie was able to read that I have deeply hidden some very hurtful family memories, eventhough I gave no indication of such.

    • Hi Lyne,
      Thank You for your msg and query. Marie may have wanted you to find your own path by using your intuition rather than reading about what each stone may do on the internet. And in this regard, I would completely agree. This is because reading about a stone can give you expectations, which in itself could become a possible block to the relationship/experience you otherwise may of had before the “expectations” came along. So, what I recommend is that people use their intuition first. Sit quietly with the stone and see if anything comes, in what ever form, visions, ideas, colors, feelings and so on. Once you have completed that process, by all means go and investigate online sites such as this one, and books too. You can take what feels right from them, or they may simply inspire something else entirely.
      I cannot really pass comment on the hurtful family memories – all you can really do is quiet the mind and work with the crystals as above and see if anything surfaces. If not, I would not worry too deeply about it, especially if life is consistently going quite well for you and you are not particularly feeling blocked or stunted in anyway.

      • This is so totally true…..  Although I am not tottally a fan of stones used in this way..   You should buy a stone that you like…..Somewhat feel connected with or at the very least represents you….   Fashion or whatever…  If you don't feel comterful with it…. You should not be wearing it.

  4. Hello,

    I'm wondering if Labradorite is related to Spectrolite from Finland?


    Thank you in advance for your reply.

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