The Misrepresentation of Crystals – Part 3 – Brazilian Bubble Quartz

Brazilian Bubble Quartz – A New Find – NOT

It has just come to our attention here at Crystal Information – that in Brazil, unscrupulous Crystal Dealers are turning plain Quartz crystals into what they are calling “Brazilian Bubble Quartz“. They are doing this by taking a small rock pick and then hitting the crystal all over – to give it a old roughened look. Please find an example photo showing Brazilian Bubble Quartz below.

Brazilian Bubble Quartz

Hammered Brazilian Bubble Quartz

My Brazilian contact tells me some of these practitioners are very skilled at it, even making the bottom of the crystals look like it is a naturally occurring formation. Not only that, they are then selling these traumatized crystals as “New Find – Rare Natural Specimens”.

We here at Crystal Information feel that these crystals still have their divine energy essence within them. We do not feel any sort of revulsion towards the crystals themselves – rather we are disappointed with the greed driven actions and unethical practices surrounding the creation and “merchandising” of these Brazilian Bubble Quartz crystals.

But Why? Why Do They Do This To These Crystals?

Good question. What has brought this practice into being – is the very rare Trigonic family of Quartz Crystals. These natural Trigonic Quartz crystals really do have a very wise roughened look about them, with many having the sought after upside down trigonic triangles on the termination faces. These crystals are fairly expensive, especially in Japan where they are highly sought after. Please find a Trigonic Quartz example photo below.


Genuine Trigonic Quartz

Seeing a financially motivated opportunity – it was discovered that by taking a small rock pick to plain Quartz crystals – they could semi replicate that roughened look – calling them “Brazilian Bubble Quartz“. To these people – it is a win/win situation. They get to offload hard to sell crystals at a greatly inflated price, all the while pulling the wool over unsuspecting buyers eyes.

Now this practice has just started in the last 3 months or so. It needs to be stopped! Many dealers are already buying and selling “Brazilian Bubble Quartz“, and yes many of these dealers do actually know what these crystals have been put through – but none the less choose to keep “The Story” going. The only way we see this practice being stopped – is by not buying these Brazilian Bubble Quartz crystals. No matter how much we may wish to adopt and nurture them. As long as there is a market for these crystals, this practice will continue. The crystals can be adopted and nurtured at a later date, but only after they have been left on the shelves unsold for a long period of time. This will force the dealers to heavily discount Brazilian Bubble Quartz in order to get them moved on. Believe us, as dealers ourselves, we know they will not be restocking them again.

We hope you have found this article helpful and will spread the word to help stop this type of travesty from occurring further. As ever, your comments are most welcome in the comments field found further below.

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9 thoughts on “The Misrepresentation of Crystals – Part 3 – Brazilian Bubble Quartz

  1. I wanted to add to my comment about the rainbow bubble my customers under stand I due sell the original ones from the mine in Brazil,  I have had my contact there for years. I don't sell the fake ones. That were hammered that my contact warned me about. Also I hear china is the one putting them in ovens,  adding water. Just wanted to clear that up. Thank you Red

  2. I own a Rock shop. I brought mine from my contact right from the mine in brazil. He told me about this practice of how they were doing fake ones and I was really appalled he also said that the fake ones when put in an oven at 1000 degrees and water thrown on them to make them bubble he only had a very small amount and said it was a very new find on the east side of the Mine. , I myself am very metaphysical and I will only sell them to the people I know they are for those that will love them and honor them for what they are I have been offered a tremendous amount of money for them and I will not sell them I've actually given a few away to people who needed them and couldn't afford it thank you very much for this article and making people aware of this

    • Greetings and Thank You for sharing your experience.
      good to hear you are putting out the awesome light energy and not buying into the hype!
      Thank You again and all the best with your wonderful crystal store!

    • I do sell the original ones for the east side of the mine in Brazil. Been doing business with my contact who I have been doing business with for years. Didn't want my customers to get the wrong idea in my previous comment when I said I didn't sell them. I was referring  to hammered ones.thank you again. Red

  3. I just bought one of these. It arrived today.  It was called an 'icicle quartz'  from Brazil. I saw your  article and pictures and was so sad with the abuse of this crystal. I will let others know.  On the flip side I'm glad it found it's way to me . This is a true warrior crystal that needs my TLC. 

      • It is definitely a hope filled crystal despite its trauma. ❤️

        It is still difficult to imagine doing this to any Earth gift for financial gain. Thank you again for sharing the article. Would have not guessed. 

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