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Hello everyone, and welcome to the Crystal Information Website!

My name is Anthony, and I am the webmaster and co-creator of the site. 18 years ago I discovered this cool thing called the internet, and about 0.5 of a second later I was searching for crystal photos! In those days it was click on a photo link, go make a cup of tea, and when you got back the photo may or may not have appeared!

In 1997 I made a very rudimentary crystal healing website on a free web community called Fortune City, which was very much like Geocity. (Who remembers those communities??). I have just now discovered that Fortune City has been taken down. I’m sure I was looking (read “cringing”) at the “Healing Journey” website I had built in all its 90’s awesomeness just a short time ago. That tells me that truly,’s time has come!

I will admit I have been plugging away at for the past two or even three years in a very on-and-off fashion. It is only since I finished creating the new website for my business ( that I finally threw myself into in a wholesale fashion. Thanks to my friend Paul poking me with the electric cattle prod, I have finally got my website building skills up to the point I feel I can do the crystals justice.

The site by its very nature will never be “finished,” so really it was a matter of deciding when it will go truly live. I have decided that time is now!  But believe me when I say I have a long way to go in getting more crystal terms in the encyclopedia along with “How To” articles on cleansing, energizing, and working/caring for crystals in general. So stay tuned!

My primary goal is to provide a website showcasing crystals that also has useful information, and provide a sharing space for fellow crystal enthusiasts. I do not feel there is a one-stop crystal website solution that will keep everyone happy, so I have built one that I would like to see. πŸ˜€

I have enabled the ability for people to share their experiences on each crystal’s encyclopedia “Crystal Term” page, and hope this feature will be utilized. Due to the nature of the internet, chief among that being spammers and trolls, I have set it up so these comments will need to be approved by the team. Once that has been done, your comments will appear on the site.

There is also a space for people to contribute articles. This area funnily enough comes under the menu title “Contributors.” Email me at to submit your articles for consideration.

A forum has been provided for people to share their ideas and views on crystals in general. I know it takes a fair bit of time and effort to build up a forum community, so we will see how it goes. The forum itself is largely a feature “on probation” to see if it is something crystal fans will use.

It is my absolute intention to keep the website free of advertising, bar the discreet Majestic Quartz link found on the main menu and Fast Facts Physical Properties tables, and the Majestic Quartz logo found on some photos. I feel this is fair as it is Majestic Quartz that pays the web hosting and associated costs.

So there it is, my first blog post! Please feel free to leave comments below as to any suggestions you may have for improving the site.

Blessings to all!




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