Amethyst Properties and Meaning – Amethyst is a member of the Quartz family. Amethyst comes in many configurations such as Amethyst Clusters, Amethyst Points, Amethyst Flowers, and many more! Read more information regarding Amethyst crystal healing Properties below, complete with photo galleries and  desktop background! Amethyst Fast Facts Amethyst Physical Properties ... Read More

Amethyst Clusters

Amethyst Clusters Properties and Meaning – Amethyst Clusters are groups of Amethyst crystals fused together. Amethyst comes in other configurations such as Massive (rock form), Points, Flowers, and more! Read more information regarding Amethyst Clusters below, complete with galleries and high resolution desktop background images! Intuitive Healing – Spiritual Trigger Words ... Read More

Brandberg Quartz

Brandberg Quartz Properties and Meaning Brandberg Quartz crystals come from Brandberg (Fire)  Mountain, located in Damaraland, in the northwestern Namib Desert, near the coast in Namibia. They form in combinations of Amethyst, Smoky and Clear Quartz. Read more information and view photos showing Brandbergs below. General Brandberg Quartz Information For what ... Read More
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