Record Keeper

Record Keeper Properties and Meaning

Record Keeper Properties and Meaning

Record Keeper Crystals have triangles etched on the faces of the termination. Usually they are Quartz, but occasionally they can appear on other crystals such as Ruby and Kunzite. Read more about Smoky Quartz crystal healing properties below.

Intuitive Healing – Spiritual Trigger Words & Phrases For Record Keeper Quartz

Here at, We like to fully encourage people to use their intuition when it comes to crystals! We believe that every individual is unique, so too is every crystal, thus a unique experience will always occur! Read More
Past Life

General Record Keeper Information

What Does One Use it For and How Does One Use it?

One can access VAST amounts of information using these crystals. It is not so much that the crystal itself holds the information, it is more a direct link to an atmospheric layer above us that holds every vibration ever vibrated on the planet. These crystals give you a direct interface with this library of knowledge held within the akashic layer and will connect you with information that is relevant to your path in life.

To access a Record Keeper crystal, hold one in your hand and empty your head of all thoughts (except if you have any questions). Concentrate on your breath and relax. Let any thoughts, visions or sensations filter through, but try not to analyze them until after your session is complete. It is important to stay within the flow. Catch and surf the wave of information as it occurs!


Record Keeper Crystals are quite rare. Most of these will have just one or two triangles on the termination faces. The photo galleries below show Master Record Keeper crystals which have many, many triangles. These photos are harvested from the archives which contain more than 100,000 photos going back more than 15 years!


Record Keeper Crystal Galleries


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 1

Record Keeper Crystal Example One


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 3

Record Keeper Crystal Example Three


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 5

Record Keeper Crystal Example Five


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 7

Record Keeper Crystal Example Seven


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 9

Record Keeper Crystal Example Nine


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 11

Record Keeper Crystal Example Eleven


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 13

Record Keeper Crystal Example Thirteen


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 2

Record Keeper Crystal Example Two


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 4

Record Keeper Crystal Example Four


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 6

Record Keeper Crystal Example Six


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 8

Record Keeper Crystal Example Eight


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 10

Record Keeper Crystal Example Ten


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 12

Record Keeper Crystal Example Twelve


Record Keeper Properties and Meaning Example Photo 14

Record Keeper Crystal Example Fourteen

Click on the photo below for a high resolution image showing Record Keeper Quartz!

Record Keeper Properties and Meaning - Photograph by Anthony Bradford

Record Keeper Properties and Meaning - Photograph by Anthony Bradford

Record Keeper Properties and Meaning - Photograph by Anthony Bradford

Record Keeper Properties and Meaning - Photograph by Anthony Bradford

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11 thoughts on “Record Keeper

  1. I have several record keepers – some which with the triangle visible when I got it, some it became visible afterward.  Recently I found a crystal that doesn't meet the definition of a record keeper but it still seems significant.  There is material embedded in the quartz crystal; my guess is copper or algae of some sort based on the color.  One of the termination faces has a triangular hole in the material, it also looks like this extends into the crystal like a column.  I wondered if you have any thoughts.  (It is also a Dow)


  2. I have had a crystal image in my minds eye the last few days of a clear Quartz crystal facet with a single triangle on it but didn't know why & yesterday out of the clear blue a friend asked if I had a record keeper crystal. I'd never heard of that term but instantly knew the connection to my minds eye image. I went thru my crystals & sure enough one had a perfect triangle on one facet (which I will email to you for confirmation) & a much smaller one (can't seem to catch it for photo.) I am fascinated with this now! A friend gave me your link & I am grateful to have found it! Thanks for letting me share my excitement! Cyndy

    • Hi Cyndy,
      Thank You for taking the time to share your exciting experience! That is a superb Record Keeper you have there – the number of smaller triangles on the back face of the crystal signifies it is a Master Record Keeper – A truly rare breed!
      Please find the photos of Cyndy’s exciting crystal below!
      Record Keeper Crystal
      Master Record Keeper!

  3. Have you ever heard of a record keeper growing from within? A beautiful record keeper has recently found its way to me through the exchange of many hands. Just within the last few days what first looked like an inclusion of some sort has sprouted from the surface with a small crystal protruding from within. As of today it is now about 1/16th of an inch above the surface of the main crystal. Many other unusual features have manifested with this crystal. I hesitate on speaking of this for now, however. Thank you for any info you may be able to share.

    • Hi Marilee,

      Thank You for your msg, I apologize for the late reply! Though I have never heard of the specific experience you are having, I have absolutely seen crystals change their physical appearance and shape. I have also had record keepers appear that were not there previously. I believe these things change when the crystal is in the presence of a person that is running at the vibration to receive such gifts of learning and experience. Enjoy!


  4. Hello,

    My most favorite crystal that i have revealed itself to be a record keeper with dozens of triangles on every face, and I was beyond happy. Just recently I have also read about starbrary crystals (pretty much record keepers programed by those of another race from outside our planet), and it turned out that markings on my crystal that I thought were just imperfections on its sides were actually glyphs! 

    Is it possible to have a crystal that is a record keeper AND a starbrary? I'd also love to send you photos but I'm not sure how from this particular comment area.

    Cheers and I hope to hear back soon!

    – Callie L.

    • Hi Callie,
      In answer to your question – YES, a crystal can absolutely be both a record keeper and a starbrary crystal!

      If you have a photobucket style account, you can upload your photo to that, and then add it in to this comments area by clicking on the little postcard looking image next to the smiley face and paste in the photos photobucket (or equivalent) url and it is done. If you do not have such an account, no problemo email it to us and we will put it in for you!

      The email address to use is

  5. I bought a crystal that manifested and then dented recordkeeper after I held it for a while could you tell me more about this. ?I even went back to the store where I purchased it because the owners head examined it closely because I had some questions about some phantoms inside of it they both concurred that there was no indented recordkeeper on the Crystal when I bought it thank you.

    • Hi There,
      I have heard of this before with record keeper crystals. When they come into contact with the right person, they develop one or more record keeper triangles that were not there previously. Crystals are viewed by many as living beings, and they can and do change. I myself have had crystals change in physical form over time. It is not a common occurrence, so congratulations on your very special experience with your new crystal friend 🙂

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